A Ghost Ride

Different Cultures different Colors. Hello friends I am here again with new color but there is a twist in the picture. This new color is a color of fun, entertainment, horror and sensation so are you ready to take a Ghost Ride in a Ghost train.

Put your seat belts and take a deep breath look outside there are some light and here is station of Californian

California a western U.S. state stretches from maxican border along the pacific for nearly 900 miles, it's terrain includes different lined Beaches, Redwood forest, the Sierra navada
Mountains, Central valley, Farmland and the Mojave Desert.If you are looking for any travel destinations so California is a good option. There are many beautiful places that attracts large number of tourist like 1- Disneyland 2-Hollywood, las vages 3- Golden gate bridge, San Francisco 4-Death valley and many more. California is big producer of Almond.
Most spoken languages in California
1-English 2-Spanish 3-Chinese 4-Tagalog.
In California food that is mouth watering is Avocado Toast, Fish tacos, Garlic ice cream, Fries chicken sandwich So this is the one side of wall but the other side of wall is full of twists, horror and sensation, "let's have short trip of this beautiful yet an adventurous place".

There are some other places in California that are very hot and humid, horrific yet adventurous and lots of historical events associated with them. Let's take our train to this place To a spot full of horror, death and adventurous.

Death Valley

Death valley situated in Mojave desert, lowest point of North America is one of the hottest place on Earth world's with a  temperature of 100 degree Fahrenheit. It is often referred to as a Wilderness area due to its  Rugged appearance. Its landscapes may be harsh but they are rarely monotonous. 

Calico Ghost Town

Calico, formerly a mining town of San Bernardino County, California. Calico now a ghost town, located along with Calico mountain range of southern California. It was during 1881 the city was founded and established as a silver mining town , but in recent times it has been converted in to a ghost park named Calico ghost town. It attracts people who are adventurous and  and thus it's a tourist attraction spot in California.

Slab city (lost city)

Slab city is known as lost city in California. According the military museum, They built about 30 structures, 8.2 miles of paved road, and various utilities.WWII would ends in 1945 and the department of defense returned the land to the state to Californian in 1961. The military building were torn down and only the concrete slab remaind. One of the most able landmark of the community is Salvation mountain. The slab is now a stage for the musician and performers. The visitors here may catches a sight of some musical nights and evening of performance.

Oh it's been a long and wonderful Journey to the various destinations of California, having different features, each place capable of filling us with  different emotions. So now let's have rest at our respective places and hope to meet in another journey with different colors and culture of our Mother earth.

In the time of corona stay indoor, stay safe.

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