Alaskan culture

Earth is a very beautiful planet. Earth is a basket of different colors and culture. Are you ready to take a ride to explore different beautiful colors. Definitely it will be a hilarious journey.

Alaska is a state of USA situated at the north pole of America. USA had purchased Alaska from the Russion federation in 1867 for the US dollar 7.2 million by a treaty ratified by a US senate. Alaska is very cold place approx 9 month it covers with huge amount of snow. At the time of winters it looks awesome place. Beautiful nature, Mountains, Animals, Birds, trees, sea, and most important Natives and there culture.

Alaska is adorable Travel destination. There are some most beautiful places to travel 1- Denial National pave 2- Kenai F Jords National park 3- Mendenhall glacier 4- Juneau 5- Homer Ket Chi ken 6- Glacier Bay Anchorage 7- wrangell st. Elias National park. Alaska is beautiful place of  tourist attraction because of lots of snow and so many ice sports like Ice sketing, dog sledding and other different sports. Alaskan best food is moose, Reindeer hot dog, Muktuk, Eskimo ice cream, Gumpo.

Do you know about the native culture of Alaska. It's a hunting and gathering society from thousands of years. It has a special relation with Animals and natural world. Natives have their own language Guich' in. Native American have different culture they are famous for their tribal dances in a beautiful dresses. There most lovable food is moose, shark.

This is the beautiful glimpse of Alaska and its culture front of those who likes to explore or wants to know the different colors on earth so wait for our another color of earth will come very soon with our next color of culture.

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors

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