Egypt A Golden City

A city of legend, brightness of Sun like a mirror. A place of  Golden Empire, bright colors of culture and the Ancient Civilization. Grand attraction and seven wonder, "Giza" the world largest Pyramid.

At everyday sand revolves around the pyramids and greet them for the Golden treasure. Fascinating Monuments and bank of worlds largest "Nile" river tell the story of Egyptian Civilization. A city of Pharaoh,  A dream city, and a beautiful travel destination "Egypt".

I always wonder to explore ancient culture and civilization. Let's travel back to the ancient time, city of pharaoh, Really amazing facts if ancient history is like rain drops always immortal in nature.

Ancient civilizations was fulsome developed. Men's and Women's had been enjoyed equal rights. Men and women were equal under the law. The women's were free to live and take their own decisions.

The Amazing pyramids are grand and mesmerizing basically the pyramids was built to provide shelters to the soul of the dead "Pharaoh's".
The pyramids basically developed by skilled workers, they were amazing architect at that time.They hated heirs so much, they removed all the heirs and they used wigs instead of. They even removed heirs of eyebrows at the time of grief.

Hieroglyphs are probably the first comes to mind whenever ancient Egypt mentioned. It tells different stories .The hieroglyphics are definitely fascinating to look at, and you may wonder how they managed to use letters like that every single day.Cat  was really appreciated in an  ancient Egypt and they ranked them to as a god.

Let's enter in to the heart and soul of Egypt "City Of Cairo" a place the largest city of the African continent, and home to the last remaining ancient wonder of the world.

The pyramid of "Giza" is  said to be mouseleum one of the most famous king"Tutankhamun", who died at an early age also known as king Tut. He was a son of the king Akhenaten.

In 1922 Haward Caster discovered it's Mummy. It is a famous colloquial that there is curse related to the Pharaoh that whoever try to get into his pyramid will be dead.

Cairo has a treasure of ancient heritage, one golden star. World's biggest Museum exist in Cairo. Egypt is a silver place of world's largest pyramids.

Museum is a place where you get lots of ancient heritage, different stories and Monuments of Pharaoh, Mummies, Pyramids and lots of other art and culture.

Nile river is the power house to the Egyptian and was soul for the ancient Egypt. It is a best source of transportation of goods and services.

Do you like to feel the magic of Egyptian street food. Let's take some food scent, it's awesome. Are you ready to try five mouth watering and incredible Egyptian street food.
1- Fried Potato Patties 2-  Mouth watering Falafal 3- Pickeled eggplant with chilly 4- Baba Ganoush and Baladi Bread. Oh!! Its so delicious and at last the real joy Tahini. It is extremely mouth watering.Egypt is considered as oldest travel destination of the Earth. Here's a look to visit best places in the Egypt.

Hurghada is famous for its Beaches, Resorts, Diving opportunities. Hurghada have hundreds of hotels provide royal comfort to the tourists.

Alexandria is located at the coast of Mediterranean sea, famous for historical sites, including a library that housed 500 books. It destroyed due to earthquake in 14th century.

Aswan city is located at the north of Lake Nasser although it's own monuments are minor as compared to Luxor. Aswan is base excursion to the temples of Philly and Kasha and to the Sun Temple of Ramsee ii at Abu Simbel to the South.

Dahsvr is a necropolis located in the desert on the west bank of the Nile river approximately 25 miles south of Cairo compared to Giza and Sakura. It is a more tranquil and isolated location to see some very large Pyramids.

A beautiful picture of Egypt procreate a dream, Once in a life time we should look the great empire from their actual eyes.I hope journey of the Egypt was wonderful see you again with a new culture of color.

Stay indoor, Stay safe.

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