Unwanted Guests

Welcome to the "City of Tornado". Earth is a Unique and Universal Planet. This blue ball has a lot of mysteries in it. Many "Unwanted Guests" also want to make their nest on the Earth. Here I am again with a new "Color of Culture". This new color is the "Color of Destruction".

For some time close your eyes, you are in the city of Stromes or Cyclones. Winds are Furious, Catastrophic conditions all around. Many Casualties, Land fall, Trees uprooted and Houses collapse. Scary picture of Ocean. Open your eyes and take a deep breath and come with me to understand the journey of Cyclones.Do you know what is Cyclone?
Cyclone, Typhoons or Hurricanes are inwards Spiralling winds or Dust devil's, that rotates around a center of low atmospheric pressure. It rotates clockwise in Southern Hemisphere and counter clockwise in Northern Hemisphere.In our journey let's talk about some of the worst Cyclones of India that are the "Unwanted Guests". Let's have a look.


It was on 20th May, 2020, when one of the most powerful and destructive Cyclone, "AMPHAN" hit the Digha Beach, West Bengal, India with a speed of about 210 kmph. It sweapt through the coastal areas of West Bengal and Odhisa. Name "AMPHAN" was given by the Thailand to the Cyclone. "AMPHAN" made  a landfall, lashing Coastal areas with ferocious Winds and Rain. Thousand of trees were uprooted. Electricity and phone lines were brought down house collapsed, roads was flooded and many people's were instructed to stay indoor s by the government. Kolkata Airport was flooded and broken down. 84 people were killed. Total estimated damage is around 1 lakh crores. Many NDRF teams was already on alert a large number of people were shifted to relief camps.
Next severe and scary Cyclone of India  was Cyclon "GAZA". 


GAZA Sri Lanka gave name "GAZA" to this Cyclone. Cyclone "GAZA" made landfall over Tamilnadu coast on16th November 2018 at 1:45 am. Wind speed was 120-140 kmph. "GAZA" left behind a huge trail of Destruction on Tamilnadu. 45 people were killed and 250000 people were displaced from their homes. Total damage estimated around dollar 775 million(2018 USD). 170454 coconut and bananas trees were uprooted.


Cyclone "Titli" was also a powerful Cyclone, that swept through to Eastern India. Cyclone "Titli" broke in to the coastal areas of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh with winds of about 150 km/ hr.85 people were died. It destroyed hundred of homes, 6000 to 7000 electrical poles were uprooted. Total estimated damage was about dollar 920 millions.There are many more cyclones in India or on our Mother Earth that arrived as "The Unwanted Guest" and caused huge damage now our journey to the "City of Tornado" was very furious, scary and of deep pain, so always pray to God not to send these "Unwanted Guests" in our Mother Earth.

Now we will meet again with a new journey with a new color culture.

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors....πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

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  1. Ya unwanted guests these are but sometimes we invite them by activities like Atomic tests and etc.

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  6. Indeed, the calamities mentioned here are "unwanted guests." Nicely written as it is very informative.

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