A Blue Pearl Santorini

Brightness of the light at the bank of blue Ocean. Sunshines everyday, city shines as the pearl of the Planet, beauty of happiness. A city of paradise, God's unique creation. A city of fascinating architecture and a city of the "Blue Pearl Santorini". Santorini is a beautiful place of Greece. Let's have a journey of such a fascinating place.

If we have talking about the "Santorini", let's throw some light over the Greece.

Greece is most beautiful country in the world and most attractive tourist destination of the Europe. Greece is rich in culture and tradition, Beautiful Beachs, Historical Architecture, Fresh Sea Food and awsome Night life.

In Greece total of 2000 Iceland's. Most of its population congregates in around Athens, the capital of the Greece. Greece is Bordered by the Aegean sea and the Mediterranean sea or the Ionian sea. Every year 2.5 million tourists visit in Greece. Greece is the leading producer of Sea sponges. Greece is the biggest producer of marble.

Greece and Santorini are feather flock.Greece refers a king and tha Santorini is the royal Crown on the head of the king. Santorini is very beautiful place. Everyday shines like a holy light and peaceful waves of the Ocean touches feet of the Santorini.

Santorini is one of the world's most romantic gateways. Oia is the beautiful town of the Santorini. Oia is famous for its sunsets. Oia is a place of awesome photography. Santorini hosts 1.5 million travellers every year. Oia is an incredibly picturesque town.

Santorini is arguably Greece's most spectacular Iceland.

Santorini is scenic volcanic island in the middle of the Aegean sea about 250 kilometres south of Athens. Before 3500 years ago a very tremendous volcanic eruption had been appeared that whipped out flourishing prehistoric civilizations. Santorini was shaped by intense volcanic eruption. That collapse happened during 1640 BC, was one of the largest volcanic events on earth.

The original name of Santorini is "Thera", it is the important center of Aegean shipping and trade. Santorini is heaven of the earth. Let's explore some most fascinating beaches of the Santorini, here's a look.1- Paradise beach 2 - Koloumbo beach3 - Pori beach 4 - Kanakari beach 5 - Xiropigado 6 - Exogialos beach 7 - Kamari beach 8 - Perissa beach 9 - Karterdos beach and most adorable beach is Ammoudi Bay beach.

One most delightful phase of tour, something that completes any journey is the mouthwatering and delicious food of the Santorini. Let's have a look.
1 - Fava me Koukia 2 - Tomato Gefthedes
3 - Saganaka ( Fried Cheese in Filo Pastry covered in Honey.
4 - Greek Salad 5 - Kuftes/ Kofta - ground meat kinda like Sausage 6 - Greek wine
7 - Pomgranates 8 - Roasted Greek Lambs 9 - Moussaka 10 - Spankopita.
Santorini food is not only have awesome taste but it's delightful appearance encourages you to keep it as a memory of the life time.

If you are looking for best luxary suit in Santorini, Greece here is it.
1 - Athena Luxury Suit 2 - Hyperion Oia Suit 3 - Day Dream Luxury Suit 4 - Asthesia Boutique Villas 5 - Pegasus Suit and Spa.These all are top ranked villas and suit that provide world class facilities. The sea side view motivates you to love the Santorini more and more.
Blue Pearl Santorini is wonderful and lovable.I hope you enjoyed the lovely  tour alot.
We will come back again with a new and adventurous culture of color till then enjoy journey of the Santorini.

Stay safe, Stay Indoor.

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