Just magnificent night, a blissful dream in the close eyes. Dream was grand and exciting. In a dream I saw a place shinning like a crystal, that crystal was valuable because of its sparking light. Attraction was huge, everything takes you back at the time of history. At the time of Kings and Queens of fairytale but in reality fairytale is also in the present.

A prominent place is adorn by ornaments of Elegance Canals, Flemish Architecture, Exquisite History,  Gleaming Nature and Passionate food. A fairy City and a crystal palace is called "Bruges", Belgium. Bruges, Belgium shines like stars. Bruges Canals is the astonishing quest of nature. Bruges is distinguished by its Ancient Walls, Cobbled Streets, Historical Monuments  and Canals.

Dazzle ancient wall of Bruges, Belgium is UNESCO listed sites. Let's tangle your heart in the cobbled alleyways  of Bruges, Belgium.

Take a view of the shining crystal particles of Bruges .

The Belfry of Bruges

Eyes are gazing from very far to dark and brown historical treasure. Heart is blooming and Ears are trying to listen blissful fairy bells. A most prominent symbol " The Belfry of Bruges" is a medieval bell tower in the centre of Bruges, Belgium. The Belfry was added to the market square around 1240, when Bruges was an important centre of the Flemish Cloth Industry. After a devestating fire in 1280 the tower was largely built.

The octagonal uppar stage of Belfry was added between 1483 and 1487 and capped with a wooden spire bearing an image of Saint Machael banner in hand and dragon under roof. The Belfry is a key component of the UNESCO world heritage site of the historic centre of Bruges. 47 bells of Belfry talk with each others, it is 84 mt tall and houses 47 bells.

Loppem Castle and Maze

A place enrich with Art and Culture, place of Artistic treasure. A home of rich art collection. In 1856 Baron Charles Van Caloen and his wife Savina De Grourcy Seraebchamps had the romantic Loppem Castle constructed. This Loppem Castle is a happening place like a little beautiful heart. The english style park features centuries old tree's, ponds and grottoes and even bats in the ice sellers

Bruges Canals

A magnificent fairy castle, a grand palace with beautiful canals all around. Bruges Canales are the heart of the city. Bruges is fairy castle and these canals enhances the beauty of that crystal castel. Bruges having more than 80 canals. It is also referred as a Venice of North. Zee Bruge Canal, waterways built between 1896 and 1970 to connect Brugge's ( Bruges) in Belgium with the North sea. Bruges Canal is 12 km long and its depth is 24 feet.
Bruges Canal is striking attraction of tourists. In this dream world tourist can explore or can take full view of Bruges by boating in the Canals.

Market Square

The Market Square ringed by restaurant, terrace great old gabbled buildings, and the bell tower at the back of Market Square Bruges Canal enhances the beauty and grace of the City. If you are very fond of shopping market square is a great place. It is a open area where market stalls are traditionally set out for trading. Market Square is a beautiful place surrounded by the many historical buildings some of are Belfry, the Opulent Tower the square historic highlight is the Basilica of the Holy blood next door is town hall.Uniqueness and blossom beauty of any City one can explore by walking on the streets of the that City. Aroma in the air tells you the way and shows you the elegance and beauty of Bruges.

Buggy Ride

Buggy Ride is the centre of tourist attraction. Buggy Ride make you feel like a King. Buggy is very easy and smart means of transportation. It is a royal ride, gradually gradually move yourself in the fairy world, enjoy the ride with enthusiasm historical and natural views of the Bruges, Belgium.

Fries Museum

In Fries Museum Bruges, Belgium visitor's can learn the history of behind Belgium's favourite snack at the Friet Museum which celebrate the deliciousness of potato fries. Trace the journey of the potatoes from ancient Peru to restaurants and food stall all over the Belgium and sample some authentic fries medieval cellars of the beautiful 14th centuries saaihall building that houses the museum.

Basilica of the Holy Blood

The Romanesque style Basilica of the Holy Blood was a old Chapel of st Basil's. It was built in 12th century. Basilica of the Holy blood is a mirror of glories of the past. It is also a home to a vial that is reputed to contain the blood of Jesus Christ. The chapel was built during the time of the 2nd crusade and is the site of the oldest chapel in the Bruges. The story behind that  Theodoric brought with him a vile which he claimed  contained the blood of Christ.

Minn Water Lake

Expression of Royal and pure love of King for her Queen in a peaceful and calm place in the beauty of nature's grace. Minnwater Lake is same place like a story, a very tranquil location within the confines of the City. Minnwater Lake is known as the "Lake of Love",  large numbers of Bridges over the Minnwater Lake enhances beauty of the Lake. Scenic view of Minnwater Lake motivate you to enjoy the beauty and feel the love of eachother.

Chocolate Museum

Welcome to the wonderland of Chocolates, the Chocolate Museum dips it's visitor's in the history of chocolates. From the Maya and Spanish-speaking conquistadores to the Chocolate connoisseurs of today. Childern can explore the museum via a fun chocolate search game. Chocolate made by hands and sampled on the premises. A 5 minute way bring to you will find choco jungle bar which is also a part of the museum.

Bruges Delicious Food

Bruges food is the Royal, Joycing and Luxurious. Bruges food is the inspiration of historical royalties of the city. The intrensic principal of city to give fresh, every dish  has its own character, something that melts on your mouth with wonderful taste. Fill with hope of more is the nature of Bruges food.

Your heart always wonder for some of the favourite and delicious food.

Bruges Chocolate

Bruges is the amazing city, there are the chocolate shops at every street corners. In Bruges there are huge and unique veriety of chocolates. If you are a chocolate lover Bruges is a grate place. Here there are 27 type of hot chocolate and uncountable other chocolates, that are very delicious and expensive.

Bruges Frites

You need to at least a couple of serving of Frites on any trip to Bruges, Belgium. They tend to be slightly crunchier over here and sause or mayo over it, almost as important as Frites itself. 

Bruges Beer

Bruges Beer is also life line of the city because of its unique quality and taste. You must have to taste the uniqueness of the Bruges Bear.

Belgium Waffles

The special about Belgium Waffles that they have deeper grooves so they can hold more toppings. Stalls around the country offers any number of toppings, but the classics tends to be whipped cream sandwich, nutela or fresh fruit. The Belgium royal family is known to be especially partial to Liege waffle particularly from the pastry shop patisserie eggenols.

Belgium is also hub for some other  mouthwatering  foods do visit and must enjoy delicious food of Belgium.

My dream was wonderful and a fairytale city that I saw in the dream is very real and lovable city Bruges. The journey was fabulous and inspirational so love yourself and earth or it's different culture colors you will get peace and beauty all around.
Earth Culture Color again meet you very soon with new Cultural Color till than,
Stay Safe, Stay Indoors.

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