Kerala Gods own City and big state of India is a pot of beauty, in a pot there are many tiny drops of water so in my first post you knew lots about Kerala, looked the calm and pleasant picture. but some drops are left in this pot look and enjoy some more colorful and tiny drops here is it. Kerala is like cold water in the pot made of soil with light soil aroma. No one can define beauty of Kerala, lets move forward and try to know more about the fascinated place "Kerala" .

Kerala is well known in the world for its art, culture and dance forms. Kerala has around 50 forms of dance, among them i am showing you few because Indian Culture is vast as running Water no one knows that where it starts and where it will be end. 


Some of the dance forms are as follows.


Kathkali is the part of vibrant culture. Kathkali is long stand about 500 year old dance form. Kathkali involves colorful costumes and detailed makeup.The costume is very typical that include a head gear swirled skirt and junk ornaments. Kathkali plays the methodological character of Hindu Gods of Ramayana and Mahabharata. 


Beautiful Classical moves enhances the culture of Kerala. Mohiniyattam involves graceful, pleasant movements of dancers, light and sweet smiles in the environment. Mohine means a "Maiden" and Yattam means dance. Mohiniyattam is blend of Bharatnatayam and Kathakali, it is uses the element of these dances.


Onam is the main festival of Kerala. Thirvanthikali dance perform by the dancers during the harvest festival of Kerala "Onam". 


Kerala is diverse in nature same like dance form also diverse and elegance. Kolkali is different than other dance forms. It is perform by group of 24 dancers from Agerian classes. In this dance form wooden sticks are used as pops by the dancers, they beat that stick in circular manner.


Any story does not complete without the striking Aroma of Food of any Country. Taste of Kerala would let you forget the memories. Lets take a view of mouthwatering unforgettable food of Kerala. Kerala is not only famous for its backwaters but fresh sea food. Food of Kerala is inspirational for its Culture, Colors and Traditions.

Some of the most famous food are.
  • Puttu and Kadala Curry
  • Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu (fry chicken)
  • Kerala Style Prawn Curry
  • Karimeen Pollichathu (fish)
  • Thalassery Biryani
  • Idiyappam with Curry
  • Appam with Ishtu


Kerala is the shade of Sun ray produces 20.8% of India's Coffee and Tea production.Two type of coffees are that fill taste in your mouth are Arabica and Robusta.


Kerala not only treasure in their natural beauty but also in different products plantation winning the heart of World. Kerala is a big producer of Rubber, it has 3rd largest position in the World after Thailand and Indonesia.Rubber trees basically grow at 30 mt height and being yield latex@ 6 to 7 years ago. Kerala require for the plantation of rubber heavy rainfall in the area 200 to 300 cm. It is basically done with traditional method. Many products are made from rubber like eraser, Tyre, Tube and Industrial purpose.Coir production is also big business of Kerala.


Calm place, far away from fantasy world, healthy and peaceful rest from busy life. Kerala
is fantastic place that warmth you.Kerala Ayurveda is a ray of hope for your healthy living. Kerala Ayurveda Massage is known as Abhyanga  and Abhyangam is one of the most important dincharyas for achieving good health. It includes full body massage that is perform by herbal oils and the medicated oils.
The effect of Kerala Therapy is different in every aspect, oil, and other ingredients that are used in massage are made up of different herbs, plants that gives heavenly feeling.


Kerala is little sure and little sweet it is Gods own country. Kerala is the land of Spices and famous in the world for their spices. our story gets perfection from the rich taste and flavored aroma of spices. The ancient port of Musiris was the hub of spice trade in Kerala. Kerala spices have lots of demand in international market because of their rich taste and flavored aroma exporters shows lots of curiosity because of its quality and variety. Kerala is home to variety of spices here is a view :
  • Pepper
  • Vanilla
  • Cardamom
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Many more
Culture, Tradition, History and Art of any Country is a treasure, that from the ages one generation passes in the new hand with a hope that they strut it with love and care because it is valuable and mammoth. so story does not ends here we will again explore a new Color of Culture.Till then......

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors

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