Earth A Unique and Blue Planet in the Space.

Earth seems like a circle, filled with different Mysteries. Many tales attach with it. Welcome to the world of Magic, here magician is Nature and Earth is King. Hold your breath, increase your heart beats because this is the magic you would have never ever seen in your life. This is the magic of Nature.

Let's the magic start now.

The Cree called them the "Dance of the Spirit". In Finland, they said the Lights were caused by the Firefox running so quickly across the Snow, that his tail sent Sparks in to the sky. Ancient Chinese Observer belived they were the flames of good and evil Dragons battling in the Heavens. Even today these mysterious and unpredictable lights are called " Aurora Borealis" after the Roman Godess of the dawn.

A magic of nature, colourful dance of beauties. It is like a colourful place of God, where God and Goddess on their white Horses are riding.

 An Aurora also known as a polar lights, is a display of lights in the Sky in the Artic and Antartic region in an area known as the Auroral Zone. An Aurora around the North Pole is called Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights. An Aurora around the South Pole is called Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights.

An Aurora is the flames of nature's happiness, an Aurora spark shows the thoughts, at any situation in the life sparks like an Aurora. An Aurora seems like a beautiful Ring on the Earth.

They are usually greenish in color, but sometime Blue, Violet, Pink or even Red. Aurora is constantly move and change shapes. Sometimes they are so dim they can be mistaken for Cloud's other time they are bright enough to read by.

When I close my eyes i found myself at a amazing place. I was on Red Carpet, as i proceeded i saw a white Horse was waiting for me, I taken that white Horse, the horse was talking with the winds i felt some light on my face. Yes! this was the real heaven. I shouted ! These were the light of different Colors all around, that was constantly changing their colors and shapes. I wanted to keep some light in my fairy box but it was the magic all around.

Do you know What are the causes of these amazing Lights?

 Star of average size among billions of other Stars in our milky way. The Sun act as an anonymous power plane the energy is created deep inside the above 14 million degrees the pressure is so annonymous. The hydrogen atoms are squeezed together with other elements. Helium releases energy the light radiated this nuclear reaction releases energy. The light radiates outward from the core of the Sun the outer layer moves to the adies and that surface is called convectional cells. These electric particle of charge gas creates magnatic field inside the Sun in some place strong magnatic field push their way up through the surface. They slow down the adies of hard gas the surface cool the electrically charge gas is called Plasma. The Plasma drags magnetic field further outwards the magnetic field stretches and twist like a rubber band and then the rubber band breaks. This Plasma is also known as Solar Strom. 

 The Solar Strom can be speed over 8 million km/ hour after 6 hour it blows passes the Planet Mercury, after 12 hours the planet Venus and after 18 hour the Solar Strom reaches our Planet, something strange happens. An invisible shield the Earth magnetic field deflects Strom. The magnetic field couple together and create a funnel. when the gas Strom down on the day light side of the pole this is Day light Aurora. The magnetic field stretch further back and couple together the magnetic rubber band breaks the gas from the Solar Strom streches along the magnetic lines towards the pole on the night side this is the Night Aurora.

As these electrically charged particles strike the Atmosphere, They excite the Oxygen and Nitrogen atoms causing them to light up in the beautiful colors of an Aurora. Aurora not only visible on Earth but it is also visible in Space, where they can be seen as Rings around the north and south pole.
Aurora are the colorful, it seems as at the back of Aurora there is another world of God and Goddess. Shifting Curtains of light in the Night Sky Aurora have facinates people for thousands of years. They are visible reminder of the connection our Earth has to the Sun, and one of the most beautiful phenomenon in the Heaven.

If you are Camping Lover and also you want to Watch Aurora Borealis so these are the top 10 Countries you can Camp to Watch Aurora Borealis.

  1. Canada

  • Calgary Ontario
  • Yukon Territory
  • Manitoba

Best time to visit during March to September in slightly warmer Temperature.

2. Russia

  • Murmansk
  • Siberia
  • Kola Peninsula

Best time to visit December to April.

3. Alaska

  • Anchorage
  • Fairbanks
  • Denale

Best time to Camping is mid September to Late April in the clear Sky.

4. Denmark
  • Faroe Island

Best time to Visit October to Late March. April has the light in the clear Sky.

5. Scotland
  • Aberdeen Isle of Skye
  • Northern Highlands

Best time to visit October to February.

6. Iceland

  • Outside Reykjavik
  • Bingvellir National Park

Best time to visit October to March.

7. Greenland

  • Kulusuk
  • Ammassalik

Best time to visit between September to April.

8. Sweden

  • Kirvna
  • Abisco
  • Swedish Lapland

Best time to visit December to February.

9. Norway
  • Tromso
  • Alta
  • Svalbard
  • Finn Mark

Best time to visit Late September to Late March.

10. Finland

  • Luostonellim
  • Ivalo

Northern lights are visible in Finland all over the Year.

Those who live in North Pole and South Pole under these Lights, For them it is a path to heaven. Everyday they see different tales sometime Aurora looks like the movement of Holy Spirits, sometimes it seems like Dragons are Battelling, sometime God and Goddess are Dancing and sometime a folk of Firefox. I can only say Aurora Borealis is the unique creation of God. Earth is made by God by their own hands that's why there is lots of unique Colors and Culture are alive.

Our purpose is to present the uniqueness of Earth in front of you. Earth Cultural Color makes lot of efforts so that we give you unique pearls in our each Post. We will very soon again come with a unique Color till then,

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors.

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