Alaskan Food

 Alaska is a beautiful and amazing destination of United States of America. Under beautiful Nature, Icy Ways, Strong  Mountains a white layer of Ice on Trees. Spectacular Sky with colourful Aurora Boralis  spellbound Bonfires. Alaska is a Exquisite destination and in between all this Delicious Alaskan food is the reason of attraction for the Tourists. 

The Iconic food of Alaska is same like Sail and Boat both are incomplete without eachother. Let's explore top 10 Unique and Mouthwatering food of Alaska before die.


A wave of taste below from the name of the dish. Muktuk is most often made from skin and blubber of the bowhead Whale, although the beluga and the narroha are also used.  Usually catch raw, today it is occassionally finely diced breaded, deep fried and then served with soy sauce.
Muktuk has been found to be a good source of vitamin c, Blubber is also a source of vitamin d.

Reindeer Hot Dog

Alaska is famous for its Mouthwatering foods. Twist your tounge to feel the taste of Reindeer Hot Dog veriety in which sausage are made with Caribou, Pork and Beef. Apart Hot Dog , the steamed Bun is topped with Coca-Cola reglazed Onions, mustard and cream cheese while ketchup and relish might also occasionally be added to the combination.

Eskimo Ice cream

Beauty of ice in nature with taste of cold Dessert "Eskimo Ice cream" is a perfect combination in the Winters. Eskimo Icecream is made of dried fish, dries moose or Caribou meat and fat and Berries or mild Sweetness such as too of Indian Potatoes or wild Carrot, mixed and whipped with a whisk or formerly hand made by Alaskans.

Chocolate Bread

Melt Brown Chocolate in your mouth with deep happiness in your heart because Chocolate yummy taste attracts everyone. Alaskan Chocolate Bread is life line for their Citizen, I mean it is very common and healthy food of Alaska. A Bread filled with dark Chocolate rich with healthy Ingredients and fabulous taste. The most rich Chocolate is made from Choclate and sour cream batter and it studded with melted semi sweet chocolate chips.

Black Cod

Black Cod is a most delicious recepie if you once try it you can't live without it. You have tried nothing if you have not tried this fish. Fresh Black Cod is more delicious then you can ever imagine. J dock Sea food compney in Seaward is famous for ther delicious dish Black Cod. They marinate it in soy sause and Lemon juice and then grilled to perfection.


Oysters is very amazing dish basically found in coastal areas in a fresh Sea water. Oysters are also very famous and delicious food of Alaska. Oysters are salt water bi values mollusk that live in marine habits such as Bays and Oceans. Their are different types of Oysters and their yummy flavourful meat is considered a delicacy around the World.

Oysters are very healthy food. Oysters are low in Calories and loaded with nutrition including protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Peoples who regularly eat Oysters reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes up to very extent. 


Garlic butter baked Salmon is a complete dish in a serving bowl  in respect to taste, aroma health. It is very delicious and heart blooming recepie. You can say Salmon is the recepie of your open eye dream.
Garlic butter baked Salmon with crispy roast potatoes, asparagus and a delicious garlic butter sause  are the waves of happiness  in your heart and Mouthwatering taste in your mouth.

If you're very fond of good health so salmon is a good option it is rich in protein  antioxidants. It is a excellent source of high quality proteins vitamins and minerals. It is the content of omega 3 fatty acid in salmon.

Wild Berries

If you want to enjoy the little Sour and little Sweet flavour in Alaska so welcome to the world of Berries so be little Wild and enjoy the taste of Berries. Wild Berries includes Blue Berries, Cranberries, Salmon berries, Resp berries, BlackBerry and much more. I strongly suggest high Bush Caren berries jams or if course berry cobblers.


Hot soupe in a Cold Season of Alaska with Healthy Meals. Gumbo is a Soupe popular in the U. S. States of Louisiana and is the official state cusine. Gumbo consist of Primarily of a strongly flavoured stock meat of shellfish a thickeners and there are three kind of Vegetables Celery, Bell pepper, and Onions. Gumbo can be made with or without Okra or file powder. 
There are many type of Gumbo like Creole Gumbo generally contain shellfish, and a dark roux, traditionally found in Creole Gumbo. Cajon Gumbo is generally based on dark roux and is made with Shellfish or Fowl. Gumbo is traditionally served with Rice.


Crabs is also very famous dish in the Alaska Fresh King and Dungeness Crab are the dishes in which Alaska is expertise. They love Crabs, perfectly crisp Crab Cakes or swirled in to a spicy smoked cheese dips. There are two types of Crabs are famous. Snow Crabs and King Crabs legs. 
If you are a foody or food lover. Crab is perfect dish for you. Taste, size and cost of both King Crab and Snow Crab are different. King Crab are costly because of its larger size..

Enjoy the journey of food of Alaska. Alaska is having a delicious and fabulous food Culture. When you visit Alaska must try the best Iconic food of Alaska. Earth Culture Colors will again meet you with new color of Culture till then....

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors.

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