Hawaii Delicious Food

Aroma Of Hawaii Food, Aroma of fresh Spices, Aroma of fresh Herbs, Veggies melts my Heart to try delightful food of 'Hawaii the City of Island". In my first post of Hawaii, i have explored Hawaii Beaches that was a shiny and Colorful Waves of Beauty. The post is about Cultural Cuisine  of Hawaii so enjoy the deliciousness of Hawaii, a beautiful Island.

Hawaii is the blend of beauty and Culture, Tradition and aroma of food, Get aroma of  Ten best toothsome food of Hawaii.

Honu Seafood Pizza's Ahi Bruschetta

Pizza is very common for all but Hawaii Pizza is rare that increase your hunger ten times more. Hawaii Pizza is tempting and Savory enrich with healthy Herbs, Honu Seafood Pizza is causing Quite a stir right next to the Ocean in the Lahaina. The Ahi Bruschetta Honu Seafood is causing quite a stir. The Bruschetta is most of the flavorful ever have with an  Edamame pure, local tomatoes, 20 year old Balsamic and perfectly sized slice of Ahi carefully placed on the top of seed Toast. 

Da Hawaiian Acaibowl

More delicious more healthy and more alluring dish is any so try Da Hawaiian Acai Bowl. Every healthy things together in the Plate you can complete Plate of Healthy Life. At one stop you can get Granola, Bananas, Strawberries, Blueberries, topped with Paiai and it is great introduction to the Hawaiian staple. A delicious taste with best aroma in a breezy air with drinks indicates cultural beauty of Hawaii.


Hawaii food is deliciousness of the Country. It is pleasing and tasty meal that attracts large number of tourists. The beauty of Hawaii is incomplete without the Hawaiian food. Poke is not just a dish in Hawaii, It is way of life. The Chunky raw fish- Salad makes appearance in the parties. Sea food of the words and presentation of the City in the World. Hawaii is having  incredibly fresh Seafood selections and drizzling arrays of variety. Taste of Poke is most unique, rare and mind blowing. you must have to try it before die.

Traditional Hawaii Poke is the dish at its most simple and pure, seasoned with Hawaiian Sea salt, Inamona (crushed, roasted, kukili nuts mixed with the salt) and limu kohai, It is very rare to find Seafood like Hawaiian.

Plate Lunch

Authenticity of any food is present in the Culture or tradition of any City. Food is the art which human being is making from thousands of years with change in time Art are same but with new version same applicable with Food. A true Plate Lunch is made with two scoop of Rice (or one big scoop ), Mac Salad, and an "entree" (usually meaning some kind of Protein). The "entree" is typically grilled Teriyaki Beef. Some time you can find Plate Lunch with Chicken Katsu ( a Japanese- Style breaded Chicken), Shrimp, Fish or Spam.

All Natural Shave Ice

Go yourself cold with the appealing "All Natural Shave Ice " in the cold breezy air at the bank of Hawaiian Islands. It is a great movement that you can capture in your Heart and its mouthwatering taste you can keep in your mind. Enjoy Hawaii's outstanding cold desserts from the Island forms to Restaurants and Hotels. It is very natural and good  health because it become easier to get a bowl of finally shaved ice over which house made, all natural, locally sourced syrups are generously Poured.



A dish enrich with health taste and aroma. Saimin is basically an expensive noodle and broth Soupe, similar Japanese remain in Hawaii, you will get fresh ingredients than white noodles in a clear broth with green onions, Kamaboko (Fish Cakes) and sometime ham or Char Siu (Pork) some people add Chicken, Egg, Shrimp, and whatever else is desired.


LauLau is a amazing and traditional dish of Hawaii. It indicates the rich culture of the country. It indicates the happy people of Hawaii. Laulau is a native Hawaiian cuisine dish. The traditional preparation consisted of Pork wrapped in Taro Leaves.

In old Hawaii Laulau was assembled by taking a few leaves and placing a few piece of fish and pork in the center. In modern times, the dish use taro leaves salted butter fish, and either pork, beef, or chicken and is usually steamed on underground Oven.

Hawaiian Chicken

If you like sweet and sour taste in any dish,  Hawaiian Chicken taste is best option. Hawaiian Chicken is like a cross between a sweet and sour Chicken. It has a sweet, sticky sause and delightful chunks of pineapple and peppers, served over white rice.

Spam Musumbi

If you like to spend your vacation with full of fun and yum then try mouthwatering  Spam Musumbi. Spam Musumbi is popular snack and lunch food composed of a slice of grilled spam sandwiched either in between, or on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with more in the tradition of Japanese Omsumbi.

Fruit Salad

Little Warm Summer, Breezy Air, colorful waves of Sea, Warm Sand in the Sun Shine. The Hawaiian Fruit Salad recepie is full of tropical flavor and a Honey, Lime, Yogurt dressing with Coconut, and decorated with Pine Apple, Banana, Mango, Oranges and Kiwi. It is healthy and perfect for Summer Vacation and its beautiful Hawaiian Island.

Whenever you go Hawaii Island you must try all the above dishes. Beauty of any City define by its food. Food shows the Culture and Tradition of any Country so enjoy a wonderful and delicious Meal of Hawaiian Island. Earth Culture Color will again come with more interesting Articles till than,

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors.

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