Karnataka Government Revise Quarantine Rules For International Flights Passengers

 After entry of a powerful Beast 'Corona Virus" in the  World, the life of Human Being is nostalgic. Everyone is in quarantine that never happened before and who are Travelling or planning for Travelling need to take lots of safety measures.

Life is change now, all the happiness has gone.  Rules and regulation of life has changed same as Karnataka Government has change their Airport Quarantine Rules. Those International passengers who are planning to travel Karnataka first keep in mind certain Airport rules and Regulation. For safe and Happy journey now it is necessary to follow Government Airports Guidelines.

Government of India has commenced the evacuation of Indian Citizen stranded in to various Countries as a part of Vande Bharat and Samudrasetu Mission. As a part of these evacuation mission International Passengers are arriving  at both Airport and Sea Ports of Karnataka. The following procedure of the Quarantining the returnees to be followed by the concerned authority.

1- International Passenger Flying to Bengaluru must register themselves on the seva sindhu Government Website.

2- All the travelers at point of entry (Airport and Seaport) will be compulsory screened for the symptoms of Covid-19.

3- Self declaration forms will be obtained from each passengers on the Yatri Karnataka Online Portal at least 72 hours before the schedule date of Travel.

4- Screening and Categorization of all passengers at the point of entry itself (Airport and Seaport).

5- Business and short term Travelers, and those with a negative RT PCR report will be exempted from quarantine report. However, the person need to fill a self declaration form with respect to Authority of Test.

  6- Face Mask and Sanitizer is compulsory for all Passengers.

7- Screening at the point of Entry -
  • Self Reporting from Verification
  • Thermal Screening
  • Pulse Oximeter Reading
  • Briefing with Instruction
  • Categorization
  • Covid Stamp Whenever Applicable (Over back of Palm)
 8- All the Passengers should download of "Arogya Setu App" "Quarantine Watch App" and "Apthamitra App"

Here the Links:

Link of Aarogyasetu App

Link of Quarantine Watch App

Link of Apthamitra App

9- At the Health counters: 

For all Passengers.Self Reporting forms will be verified for completeness and details.
  1. Thermal Scanning and Pulse Oximeter Reading will be taken.
  2. History of Co Morbidity will be collected (Hypertension, Diabetes, Mellitus, Asthma, or any Lung Diseases, History of Organ Transplantation, Cancer, or Immune- Suppressants, Liver Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Heart Diseases, Tuberculosis etc.)
  3. Stamping for Institutional Quarantine will be done for all passengers who being directed to Quarantine.
8- Categorization will be done as follows:

  •  Symptomatic on Arrival
  • Asymptomatic on Arrival
9- If Passenger is found Symptomatic on Arrival so 14 days of Institution Quarantine at Covid Health Care Center, followed by 14 days of self Reporting.

10- I Passenger is found Asymptomatic then 14 days of Institution Quarantine at Covid Case center which are Hotel Guest House.

11- If in case Immediately on their arrival of Asymptomatic Passengers shall be tested using RT- PCR technique as early as possible. and If the test is Negative such passenger shall be exempted from Quarantine for 14 days.

12- During boarding all possible measure should be done for Physical Distancing.

For More Information Visit to Government Website of Karnataka:

Have a Safe and Happy Journey.

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  1. Precaution is always better than cure..
    Everyone should follow the rules and enjoy the happiness inside

  2. Well written we should follow these rules to be safe for ourselves and others.

  3. Yes ....these rules are very important for us and thnks for sharing this information

  4. This is a good job being done here.
    All nations need to take precaution.

  5. infact these rules are for our well being