Art and Culture of Shimla

 A sunny side of beautiful "Queen of Mountain Shimla" capital of Himachal Pradesh, India is its Art Culture, Dance, Food, Tradition and also so many things that you don't know about Shimla. The gleam of City not only in its ravishing beauty but in the Art, Culture, Dance People of the city. Lets explore dazzling colors of "Shimla". Shimla has inherited a very rich heritage regarding art and craft.

Lets Explore some beautiful fact about Art, Culture, Tribes, Famous Adventure Sports of Shimla.

Tribes and Tribal's of Shimla

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India is a perfect blend of Art Color and Culture in the aspect of modern and traditional era. Shimla is a grace of beauty and charm. Shimla is the mirror of Tribe and Tribal Culture of Mountains. There are many tribes live here with its own culture, traditions, customs. Look at the glimpse of some tribes and tribal's of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Some major tribes are kinnauris, Gaddies, Gujjar and Lahaulies, Tribes are rich in Culture Heritage, Music, Dance, Dresses are unique. Visitors attract due to the rich culture and heritage. These tribes are the blend of modern and traditional value. With the new and modern world Tribes of Shimla or Himachal Pradesh is still following their tradition with the proud that they belong to India and India have a golden place in the World because of their rich culture and heritage.

Here you can see some sparks of Tibetan lifestyle as the people of Shimla as the people of Shimla have been heavily influenced by their lifestyle, most of the people wear salwar, kurta, kameez or jaun chadiyan which is a long knee length gown. People of Shimla or even whole India are polite and friendly. The main occupation of the people is catering, they have hotels for tourists service, horticulture and agriculture.

Music and Dance of Shimla

At the time of winter Shimla look like a beautiful Bride in a white gown and it looks lie she is dancing with lots of happiness and nature is playing flute. This imagination is wonderful to define the beauty of Shimla. Culture of Shimla is also like such imagination is wonderful to define the beauty of Shimla. Culture of Shimla glitters like a bright Star. 

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Lets explore some mysterious and ravishing facts.

An amalgamation of various culture in Himachal Pradesh gave a chance to tourists to explore its ethnic diversity. There is a strong Tibetan influence in the visual and performance art in religion Spiti where most of the people are Buddhists.

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Music of Shimla

Basically Folk music is famous in Shimla.  Music and dance art are folk of each others and incomplete without each other. Dance and music together can make a social gathering and religious festival unique and special. In Shimla "Chaliyan""  is a song play at the bride house without music and "Karak" song sing by devotee in a temple. These are the different occasion to sing song and music.

Dances of Shimla

Some different dance forms manifest unique Indian Culture in the font of eyes of World.

Keekali Dance

 The Keekali dance form is a dance of young girls hold each others hand cross wise and rotate swiftly on their toes. Many ritual dances are perform by Lamas on festival Occassion.

Shand and Shabu

These are the most popular dance form of dance of Lahaul Valley and generally dance at Buddha gumpas in the memory of Buddha Shan means a prayer of Buddha.

 Dalshone and Cholamba

The Dalshona and Cholamba dance form belongs to the Ropa Valley, Cholamba is generally performed when a tiger is killed. The pattern formed by the dancer seems to resemble coiled serpents.


The Kayang Mala dance another dance. Dancer dress is traditional finery, weave their arms together to form a sort of crisscross pattern in order to appear like beads in a Woven garland. They drink chhang (a rice brew) before the dance.

 Demon (Rakshasa)

This dance form are generally performed with the Demon Masks. This dance form are generally organized in area having dense population during their local festival like Chaitol and Bishu such community dancing can be witnessed. The men and Women hold and dance together.


Nati is the famous dance most famous dance of Himachal Pradesh. It is listed in the Guinness World Record book as the largest folk dance. Nati is performed in special occasion such as special occasion such as marriages.

Art and craft of Beautiful City Shimla

Art and Craft is the soul of any Country any City. It represents perfect and influential picture of the place Art and Craft are the specialty of any place. It is based on the sub-line resources available at the place so let people explore well formed heritage of Shimla.

The Handiwork of the people of Shimla is exported all over the world. Here you can buy dress material embroidered with the two style Kohana and Thapa  which is the specialty of this area. Bamboo items are also famous and splendid  which have been made by the Dom Tribes. In addition to that you can get in the market beautiful metal jewelry amazing Beads, stone sculpture and leather articles such as belt sleepers and suits. You can also see and buy beautiful paintings with showcase the life of Shimla.

Lakkar Bazzar

Lakkar Bazzar is  the magnificent location where you can buy fabulous wooden Art and Culture of Shimla. You can see many articles such as fruit Bowls, Jewelry, Small Boxes, and the carving which are made of books. One of the most important item which also exported all around the world is the rugs and carpets. The wool which is obtained from the sheep is used making sweaters, rugs and blankets.


Most Iconic design and striking geometrical patterns on both sides of the Shawls. Each design may have one to eight colors. Traditionally Bright Colors, Red, Yellow, Magenta, Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, Black and White were used for pattern and White Black and Natural Grey is used as a base in these Shawls.


Pullans are grass shoes which are used as Footwear. These footwear are made up of fibers produced from the bark of the wild bush, Bhang (Cannabis Sativa Linn). The upper portion is made up of the goat heirs and decorated with colorful design and bottom of the footwear is made up of bang fiber.

Pahari Caps

Pahari Caps is the pride of the pahari. They basically wear it at the time of marriages, festivals, religious, function, fairs and other events. Pahari caps are the aroma splendid  of the culture of the mountains. Traditionally worn has a head gear to protect from the chilly winds.

Stone Carving

Stone Carving is the best part of Himachal Pradesh. They carry a discernable variety and a distinct style of stone carving that are displayed in the colossal constructions and the other items created out of stone. Himachal Pradesh has abundance of variety of stones like sand stone, rubble stone, lime stone all have good quality and use in the stone craft.

The Metal Craft

The Metal Craft of Himachal Pradesh stands exemplary as the Antique Metal Statuettes are one of the most significant aspect in many temples of Himachal Pradesh. The statue of God and Godess also appear as Mohras or in metal plaques.

Miniature Paintings

Museum has been able to built up a sizable collection of miniature painting in particular the pahari school paintings with in a few decades and justifiably occupies a place of the art map of the the world. These miniature paintings can be distinguish from the Mughals paintings by their brilliance of colors and minuteness of decorative details.

Embroidery Shimla Rumal

The Rumal and handkerchief is an embroidered handicraft that was once prompted under the patronage of the former ruler of Chamba Kingdom. It is a common Items of gift during marriages with detailed pattern in bright and pleasing.

Adventure Sports

Shmla is dazzling ranges of mountains. In Sun shine Shimla glows like a shy bride.  Shimla is a exquisite place of sunshine. it is land of culture, land of beauty , land of snow and also the ravishing land of Adventure Lovers. Shimla is a home of adventure activities or those who love to fly on heights.

explore and fly yourself on heights. lets take a joy of adventures.

Ice Skating

Snowfall of Shimla is awesome . Shimla is Indians favorite destination each year large number of tourist  visit to Shimla for spending their holidays and also taking joy of Snowfall Shimla during the months of December, January, February, to Indulge in the lively Ice Sports like Skiing, Ice  Skating or simple throwing snowball. Shimla come alive during the Ice Skating carnival that is held every year during winters. Shimla has the biggest open air natural Ice Rink in India. The Ice Skating Club of Shimla organize Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla every year in January.


Paragliding on mountains is the very hilarious Sport. You can fill with excitement when you fly on mountains. You can hear the noise of breezy air and feel it from very near now oh great! open your arms and feel the thrill. The exhilarating adventure sport is a skill full combination of Parachuting and hang hang gliding. In Shimla Kangra Valley is considered to be hub of all gliding activities. Paragliding on the mountains is your life time memory.


Mountaineering is the dream of Mountain Lovers or Mountain Seekers. It is a magical activity. Mountain seekers come here to try mountain climbing sport of Shimla. Mountaineering is very hilarious activity. It is risky too you have to take lots of necessary precautionary measures because lots of accidents occurs every year due to lack of safety. In fact  the Himalayan Ranges in Shimla are called "Mountaineers Paradise".


Trekking on mountains is the very famous activity for the adventure lovers. Shimla is a great place for trekking. In Shimla trekking can be tried on many hills and undulating terrains. There are many interesting brumby bugs in Shimla for trekking. 

Some of the popular route of trekking.

  • Shimla - Luhri - Ani - Khanag  - Jalore Pass - Jibhit Banjar
  • Shimla Narkanda - Nattu Peak - Chaupal - Kedi - Halau Kamdol- Koti Chakrata.
  • Banjar - Bathad - Sorahan - Assa Rampur - Shimla.



Shimla is very famous for its snow capped peaks and smooth slopes. This is what make it the ideal location for indulging in skiing in Shimla. There are many places in winters to try out this exhilarating adventure sports.


Kufri is paradise of earth at the time of winters. It is situated 13km away from Shimla. The Skiing season is January to March.


This place is located at a distance of 13 km away from Shimla and also paradise for skiing the ideal season is December to March.


Narkanda is situated 60 km from Shimla. Narkanda is heaven for Skiing because of its slopes. The beautiful skiing resorts is located at a height of 8100 feet where tourist take lots of fum and joy of skiing.

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Before Independence Shimla was the summer capital of British. They loved the Golf and so that's why Shimla Cricket is famous for the Golf and Cricket Adventure sports. You can say world's highest cricket field and polo ground situated at Shimla.

Our Earth is very beautiful. Nature is having a diverse beauty and colors. Earth is a home of different charm. We can not pay back to the earth what we are getting, take a one  tiny step to save our mother Earth. Earth Culture Color will come again with more Interesting and Informational Blog till then...

Stay Safe Stay Indoors....



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