First Indian Lady Who Travelled Outside India "Anandi Gopal Joshi"


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Anandi Gopal Joshi was first female doctor of India. She was also first Indian Women who went to USA for their studies of Practitioners of Western Medicine. from the women's college of Pennsylvanice. Anandi Gopal Joshi was born in very orthodox family of Brahmins in the 31st March 1865.  At that time she was the great example for all Indians women's when no one was like the studies of  women's of India, they were not Independent. Indian women's was the part of orthodox society. 

she was married with Gopal Rao Joshi at the age of 9. Gopal Rao Joshi was a widower men, senior 20 years than Anandi Gopal Joshi. Gopal Rao Joshi worked as a portal clerk in Kalyan. Later he was transferred to Alibagh and finally to Culcutta. He was a progressive thinker and usually for that time supported Education for Women.

Anandi Gopal Joshi was inspiration for all women's  because she opened the doors for girls education. After few years of marriage she gave birth to a baby boy he was died after 10 days of birth due to the lack of medical facilities. This was very big time of grief for Joshi couple. This proved to be a Turning point in Anandi's life and inspired her to became a Practitioners. In 1880 Gopal Joshi given a example of caring husband. He was clerk in Kalyan. He did lots of efforts for the Anandi,s Studies. He contacted with the American Missionary so that her wife can took admission in the American College. Finally a day come when she got the admission in Women's Medical college of Pennsylvanice for the study of Western Medicine. At that time "Anandi Gopal Joshi Represented  Herself As First lady Who Travelled Outside India" or "She was First lady Doctor of India".

In late 1886, Anandibai, returned to India, receiving grand welcome. The friendly state of Kolhapur appointed her as a physical- In- Charge of the female ward of the Hospital Albert Edward Hospital.

In 1887 Anandibai Joshi died of Tuberculosis early the next year on 26th February 1887 before turning 22. She was fatigue and felt constant weakness. Medicine was sent to her from America but there were no result found. Her death was a huge loss of India because she was a valuable gems of the country. She was the Inspiration for the women's of the India. The inscription states that Anandi Joshi was a Hindu Brahmin girl, the first Indian women to receive education abroad to obtain a medical degree.

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