Shimla Delicious Food

 Twist your tongue and warm yourself in the cool winters of amazing weather of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Make you crazy in the snow. Wrap your tongue  and your heart in the delicious food of Shimla that is alluring. Traditional food of Shimla not only delightful but also healthy, spicy, fresh, plant based also mouth watering for veg and non veg lovers. Take the joy of cool weather with wonderful food in the blanket of snow  in Shimla. Take the joy of delightful and traditional flavored food of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Lets explore the mind blowing food of Shimla with the beauty of grace.


The Iconic snow blanket on mountain ranges, greenery all around, cool body fill little warmness, enjoy the delicacy of Shimla authentic food "Madra" is the traditional authentic food of Shimla. It belongs to Chamba but it is the first love of the people of Shimla. The dish mainly consist of soaked chickpeas ( chana) or vegetable cooked well in the oil and various Indian spices such as clove, cinnamon, cardamoms, cumin, coriander powder and turmeric powder, enhance the taste of dish.


Dhaam is like a platter and complete food with unique taste promise a healthy dose of nutrients. This dish include Dal, Rajama, Rice, Curd, Bor ki Kadhi,  and its very much complimented with gur( jaggery). Taste of this dish is amazing. Dham is the pride of Himachal Pradesh. It is a delicious pride in a traditional plate. Most unique feature is that its cost is not very high and available at all restaurant of Himachal Pradesh.

Tudkiya Bhath

Tudkiya Bhath is the traditional cuisine of the Pahadi People in Shimla. In India people love rice very much they eat rice in different forms one best example is Tudkiya Bhath having unique taste, aroma and flavors of Indian spices. It is authentic dish of Himachal Pradesh. this dish is not only cooked in Indian spices but an extra add up to the lentil, potatoes and yoghurt along with onion tomatoes, garlic, cinnamon, cardamom provides this dish  such a great taste that will make you to enjoy the great taste of the Tudkiya Bhath with Mash Dal and Lime Juice.

Chha Ghost

I can feel the food scent of traditional cultural food of Shimla. Food of any Country, any food is the soul of that City and Country. If you are a non vegetarian and you want to take the taste of non vegetarian food. Chha Ghost is a best dish in the cold Snow. You can warm yourself by enjoying the Shimla's food.

Chha Ghost is a scrumptious dish prepared with the marinated lamb which is further cooked in the gravy of gram flour and yoghurt. The taste of this dish is highly enhanced. When it is well cooked in the Indian spices such as cardamom, red chilly powder, coriander, bay leaf, asafetida and ginger garlic paste.

Bhey or Spice Lotus Stem

India is a country where the number of people are vegetarian they like plant based dishes Bhey or Spice Lotus Stem is one of them. Bhey is the famous dish of Himachal Pradesh which is prepared with the lotus stem. Thinly sliced lotus stem then cooked in the ginger, garlic, onion paste and gram flour which added unique and mouth watering taste in the dish.


Siddu is the traditional Himachal dish.  Its authentic taste is the breezy and cold air on Shimla give a deep smile on your lips. One word that come out from your mouth is superb. It is made from wheat flour, Siddu is a local side dish of Himachal Pradesh which greatly compliments. The main course of mutton and some vegetables. The preparation of Siddu is difficult and time consuming but for the taste. It renders every minute of preparation's is worth it. The wheat flour is kept for 4 to 5 hour for the yeast to settle down. Later the dough is filled with fat and put on the direct flame to get the half cooked dough. The partly cooked dough is  then steamed to keep the taste and nutrients of the ingredients intact. Siddu can easily found in the local restaurant of the Himachal Pradesh to give the tourist a flavor of Himachal Cuisine.  


"Babru" is the Queen of Indian Breads. In other part of India Babru is famous from different name like "kachaoori" stuffed with different ingredients. It has a flatbread which is prepared with the stuffing of Black Gram paste  which is added to the kneaded dough. The crisp and the scrumptious taste with tamarind chutney. You and your tongue can not forget the taste of Babru whole life time.


Aktori is a festive dish which is very much enjoy by the people of Himachal Pradesh during their festive time Aktori is prepared in the form of a cake or pancake made with the buckwheat leaves is further cooked in the wheat flour.  Although the dish originates in spiti valley but it is frequently prepared.

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Chicken Anardana

A dish which is little spicy, little sweet and little salty. Chicken Anardana is a beautiful delicious dish and the part of pomegranate make this dish very mouth watering and healthy recipe. Chicken Anardana is tangy, spicy, warm flavor and pomegranate enhances the taste of gravy. I love the traditional and authentic taste of  this dish very much. 

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Shimla and Authentic food of Shimla is very much inspire with Tibatian Culture Thukpa is a Tibatian dish. Thukpa can be prepared in both vegetarian methods, A variety of fresh vegetables such as tomato, onions, spring, onions, string beans, carrot, and chopped can be added in the noodles with or without meat or chicken. This is a hot meal prepared with ginger garlic paste, sauce chilly and also sauce include according to choice.

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Mash Dal 

Mash Dal is the lentil made of mix of two lentils black lentils and ma ki dal. It is soaked overnight pressure cooked after that simmered in a heavy bottom pan along with very finely cut onions, ginger, garlic and also flavors shallow fried in a warm mustard oil to give the delicious and healthy mash dal.


Mittha is the sweet dish of Shimla. It has sweetened rice mixed with dry fruit and raisin.

Keep your life healthy and sweet like sweet dish of Shimla. When you visit Shimla these are the delicious platter that presents Shimla its Authenticity, Culture and Tradition not only it represents to Shimla but also India's pride. In the beautiful weather these dishes are joy deliciousness and warmness, so warm yourself and enjoy delightful dishes of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Enjoy different color of nature with Earth Color and Culture. Be curious i will again come with my new post till then.....

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors.

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  4. Very nicely added the variety of foods and you have written the blog also very good. Thanks for sharing.

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