Shimla Queen of Mountains

 A Place which is Mountain's Pride and Magical Beauty of Earth. A place famous for its uniqueness. A Place looks elegance Queen in the White Gown of Snow. I don,t have words to define the graceful beauty of 'Shimla" Capital of Himachal Pradesh, India. Shimla is most famous destination not only in India but also in World.

In Winter Nature Covers this beautiful queen Shimla in white Blanket of Snow that looks so amazing. Shimla is the center of attraction not only for Indians but it attracts large number of tourists from all over the World. Shimla is also known as  "Simla" is the largest capital city of largest State of Himachal Pradesh, India. In 1864 Shimla was declared as the Summer Capital of British India. After Independence the City became the Capital of Punjab and later on the Capital of Himachal Pradesh.

Shimla is the Basket of many magnificent Buildings styled in Neogothic architecture dating from the colonial era as well as multiple Temples and Churches. The Climate, Nature and Beauty of old Monuments in Neogothic style attracting each years millions of Visitors. Some of the Place of Shimla where a voice will come from your Heart that Its a Heaven.

Explore the attraction include the Viceregal Lodge, The Christ Church, The Jakhoo Temple, The Mall Road, The Ridge and Annadale which together form the City Center. The Kalka Shimla Railway Line Built by the British a UNESCO World Heritage Sight, It is also a major Tourist attraction.

Lets explore the places that makes the Shimla a Eye catching City and the Center of Tourist Attraction.

Mall Road

Mall Road is the Heart of the Shimla. It is the bundle of all the Merriment. Mall Road is like a Rainbow Includes Restaurant, cafe, Bars, Shops. It is the best place of Shopping beautiful Products. Gaity Theater the place to go for Cultural activities in Shimla. Shimla is famous for its Cultural Cuisine, Woolens. Shawls, Jewellery, Pottery and Books.


Kufri is a place looks like the Earth is girdle in a White Blanket of Snow. If you want to feel the Beauty of Nature, Kufri is a Beautiful Place. In Kufri It seems Clouds are talking to you face to face and trying to touch your Heart and Soul. Kufri is small hill station in Shimla, Capital city of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is located 20 km away from Shimla. The name Kufri is drive from the word Kufri meaning "lake" in the local language.  Although Kufri seeks the attentions of large number chunk of Adventures Sports lover with its Trekking and Hiking trails, climate snow and adventure loving activities. Kufri magnetize you to travel every year.

Some of the top things to do in Kufri have been mentioned below. 
1-  Wildlife
2- Trekking
3-  Horse Ride
5- Snow Trail Camping
6-  Photography
7- Hiking 
8- Shop your heart out
9- Elated
10- Yak Ride
11- Skiing
12- Tobogganing

Christ Church

Christ Church is a place where you can express your devotion for God. Christ Church is a big center of tourist attraction because of its Neo-Gothic architecture.Christ Church is the second oldest church in North India after St . John Church in the Merrut. It was built by the British Empire in 1857 to serve the large Anglican British Community in the area. The Christ Church has a stained glass window which represent Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Patience and Humanity.


Chail  is  the paradise of the Earth situated 44 km away from the Shimla. It is known for its glorious beauty and virgin forest This place was built as a summer retreat by the Maharaja of Patiala during the British Raj, on the land allotted to him the British for former assistance in the Anglo Nepalese War. It is the World highest Cricket and Polo ground attack Polo and Cricket lovers.

Chail is the best place for hikers. It is a picturesque place. You can see and click spectacular view of lower Himalaya in your eyes and heart as beautiful memory for forever. Glace of Chail attracts large number of Trackkers, Hicker, Camping Lovers. It has a good tracking point from Junger, Kufri and Ashwani Khad at Salon. Many Eco camp are held here. There are many camping sites for Campers and Hickers.

Jakhoo Temple

Jakhoo Temple is a Spiritual and Religious place for the devotee of God. Jakhoo Temple is an ancient temple in Shimla dedicated to Hindu deity Hanuman. It is situated at the Jakhoo Hill, Shimla. Each year a festival is held on Dussehra. You have to make booking of Jakhoo Temple in Advance. Tourist either can go by walk or by pony or taxi. You can reach by a ropeway around 500 to 550 rs for two way ticket. Government Operated Shared Taxi which take 100 rs for Jakhoo temple Journey.

Kalka to Shimla Toy Train

"Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk Relgadi", A beautiful and ravishing Toy Train that connects from Kalika to Queen of Mountains Shimla from plain to land of Snow. It was built by British East India Compney. It covers a staggering 102 tunnels, 864 bridges, 919 stunning Curves. This Toy train is a valuable pearl of Shimla. You can take the joy of breathtaking views of Rugged Mountains, Lush Pine Forest, Waterfalls, Valley and Picture Perfect Hill Stations. It covers 18 stations from Kalka situated at Panchkula district of Haryana. You can nourish yourself from the fabulous view of Nature from Inside the Train and also can enjoy memorable Journey.

Kaila Forest Shimla

 Kaila Forest is situated in the valley of Kotkhai in Shimla. Kiala is a eye catching location. Kaila is a beautiful forest embellished with the rich green vegetation and in  addiction numerous indigenous creature. Kaila is a bundle of natural beauties It Includes Greenery, Dense Location at the Mountain, Ayurveda Herbs, different beautiful world of creature. you can say a way to Shimla is a peaceful journey of beautiful nature away from the busy World.

Garton Castle

Garton Castle is a Heritage Monument which was built in 1904 by Sir Winton Jacob who was considered as one of the British Architect during the Time. Today the Castle is used as the office of the Accountant General of Himachal Pradesh. The Monuments are built according to the Neo Gothic type of architecture and excudes the vibes of the fairy tales with its characteristic features. This Garton Castle is situated at the top of the beautiful hill surrounded by the beauty and Grace of Nature. The scenic beauty of the nature  makes it look incredibly majestic.

Chadwick Waterfall

Chadwick is the very beautiful Waterfall situated at the at the very beautiful Glen forest. This Waterfall lies at a distance of about 7 km from Shimla A beauty of place enhances more by the charming surrounding hills. Chadwick Waterfall is famous as the "Chidku Jhar" where Chidku stands for a Bird and jhar stands for Waterfall it means a bird at the top of the peak of mountain this is because waterfall is situated at the top of the peat of  beautiful Mountain. Britishers gave name of Chidku Fall to the Waterfall. Clear crystal water of Waterfall looks like the amazing beauty of the Earth and spell bound thick green trees of Pine and Deodar makes you feel like a Heaven on Earth.

Shimla State Museum

The Flemish Architecture of Shimla state Museum was built by Britishers. The exquisite beauty of Neo Gothic architecture is graceful. Shimla State Museum is an old Victorian Mansion. The Museum is set on a lonely Hilltop known as Inveram. In Present time Shimla State Museum is a residence of Indian government officials, opened in a January 26 1974. The Museum preserve the Ancient, artistic, Historical, Archaeological and Ethnological access to the future generation.

Shaily Peak

Shaily Peak is the most iconic and natural spot in the Shimla. It is 23 km away from Shimla If you want to take a view the mountains peak in white blankets of snow, excellent climate charming rainbows, dense forest, greenery and magnificent eye catching views then Shaily peak is fabulous place. The snow capped Himalayan mountain ranges and beautiful landscapes located here are hard to miss and fresh breeze is salubrious for your health and mind.

The Ridge

The Ridge is the large open space located at the center of the queen of Mountain, Shimla the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. When snow fall in Shimla tourist do lots of fun activities here, they enjoy a lot, they eat delicious food. They play in snow through snow balls on each other.

Lakkar Bazar

Lakkar Bazar is situated next to Ridge in Shimla. Lakkar bazar is a market of wooden products. These wooden toys are made by a small group of Sikh carpenters. Wooden sticks are famous there. You can also get many wooden products that are the part of Indian Culture. If you love the wooden articles it is a ravishing place. There is also a roller staking rink in Lakkar Bazar. 

Kali Bari Temple

Spirituality and devotion of God is every where whether in India or in World only ways are different. This Kalibari Temple is dedicated to Kali that is known as "Shyamala" that Shimla drives its name. This Majestic temple was built in year 1845 and it is famous from the name of Shyamala. It is situated in Jakhu hills. Close your eyes and feel God is on your heart, your mind and every where and goddess Shyamala is showering love on you which is amazing imagination for a second.

The Glen

Mountains are a  great place for the tourists who are passionate about Hiking, Trakking, Camping, Paragliding. Glen is a U shaped valley, located near Andale and summer hill forest amid dense forest of deodar and pine trees. This famous spot has a Hiking trail that extend towards summer hills and chora maidan, where tourist get to explore the dense surroundings of Shimla. While enjoying the calmness and the greenery around. There is a small stream of water in the Glen. The stream looks very beautiful when it falls from the Height. It is a beautiful and picnic spot in weekends. It is 4 km away from Shimla.


Tattapani is situated 51 km away from Shimla and it is famous for its Hot Water springs. This is the specialty of mountains where you get an streams of hot water that you can say it is natures magic. A famous Hindu temple is also situated 4 km away from built near Shiv Guffa(Shiv caves) at Sarover. It is the most eye catching place of Shimla or best tourist spot to see the picturesque water spring and Hindu temple of Lord Shiva.

Catch the love of nature with queen of Mountains "Shimla" the State capital of Himachal Pradesh. some time in green gown, green colors represents green trees shrubs and trees and some time in white gown that represent snow all around. I don't have words to words to define beauty of Shimla. There are lots of other known and unknown things, culture, food, some of which you already know some are not so its my bestir to present all colors in front of you. Keep yourself curious i will come with some new post of Shimla till then keep reading like this.

To be Continue......

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors.

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