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Fairy World with magical Food, magnificent Nature, with blend the aroma of traditional food is addition in royalty of any City and pride of any country. Cotswold's food is a magical waves that attracts you in the Cotswold is a dream of many eyes . It is a beauty of neutrality. It is a city of beautiful fairies of God that keep it like a treasure. Lets play some waves of cotswold that fill taste in your mouth. 

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2 in 1 pie, weighbridge Inn 

Fill your mouth with delicious and spectacular english food of england and your heart will really dance when you try this delicacy of Cotswold. Fill your mouth with happiness try 2 in 1 pie that consist of one side from cheese and one side pie. It looks so interesting and tasty dish. The renowned favorite of local with a secret recipe crafted over 40 years ago. Each pie is packed with a filling of your choice (from melt in the mouth streek and mushroom to turkey with all the trimmings alongside cauliflower cheese topped with soft golden brown pastry.

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Cacklebean eggs

Egg is not a new dish for the World. Egg keeps you healthy and energetic forever. You can find uniqueness and freshness in Cacklebean eggs. These eggs are very rich in flavours and texture and mouthwatering. This is the famous and salibrius.

Bibury Trout

Bibury Trout is also one of healthy and my favorite dish. While away an hour or two at Bibury Trout Farm catching fish or soaking in the village beauty. where thousand of Trout glide through the crystal Waters. Enjoy a trio of Trout at the farm café. A grilled fish wrapped in the magical spices of Cotswold with a mind blowing aroma. My heart is blowing and also feeling the dish aroma. The delicious taste of Bibury Trout in every weekend with cotswold Brewing that is award winning.

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Cotswold Brewing

Micro Brewing is a major business in UK and also famous in the World with Craft Beer Producers. Popping up arrow the Country seemingly every month. It is the first family owned business in the UK and it's a very memorizing place to visit you can better understand brewing of Cotswold by tasting it you have to visit these and taste the magical brewing of Cotswold.

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Winston Cotswold Ice Cream

Frosty Weather with frigid Ice Cream, Wow its glorious. Winston Cotswold is not famous for its charm but its Ice Cream but its appealing appearance, chilling nature, pretty picture and enchanting taste make you feel rolling in the sky with happiness. There is the story behind Winston's Cotswold Ice Cream wind the back to 1925 Albert Winston, a French Polisher in Stroud Gloucestershire, had just made redundant with mass unemployment spreading across Britain, This was the hard time for everyone. At that time Albert started selling drinks the walker and golfers in the popular Cotswold's Hills. This proved popular but lots of people were asking for Ice cream. At that time Albert got an idea and he converted his car in to Ice cream parlor, after his popularity grew he started a company of Ice cream Winston's. Winston's started using of Victorian recipe, now they have 17 flavors of ice cream that flourish.

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Freshly caught Salmon

Salmon is a authentic dish many places but here salmon is mind blowing fresh Sea Food especially found in river severn and river wye. Weather smoked on a bagel with cream cheese weather smoked on a bagel with cream cheese or accompanied by new potato and a salad, the delicious taste of salmon is always something we look. For freshly and tasty salmon you can visit severn and wye smokery that is a English Restaurant famous for severe mouthwatering taste.

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Gloucestershire Worcestershire Herefordshire Cider/ Perry  

Perry is made by fermented the juice of pressed local Perry pears where up to 25 % apple juice can be added and cider is made opposite the perry  where local apples are pressed and up to 25 % perry pear juice can be added , ciders have a uniquely rich apply taste with a balance between sweet and bitter can be medium sweet and dry.
Perry have a soft, floral, fruity taste with a typical bitterness and their color is pale. Cedar and Perry are produced only from locally green fruit in the area of Gloucestershire Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

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Cheesy Journey

Let's go for the ride of Cheesy Journey that is full with taste aroma color and happiness. I hope you will really feel mindblowing to get to know about so many varieties of Cheese. I love cheese and i really curious to know about different fabolous Cheese so let's begin the Cheesy Journey.

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Carney Pyramid

Welcome to the world of cheese. Cotswold is famous for its flourishing business of cheese. Cotswold is having abundance of different type of cheese . Carney Pyramid is an English cheese produced in the Cotswold. Its shape looks like a pyramid and coated with a combination of Sea Salt and Oak ash. It is made up of raw goat milk. Carney  pyramids is ready for consumption when its one or two week old end has a soft texture  and a mild creamy and fresh flavor. It is award winning cheese won super gold at 2014 (World cheese award ).

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Herford hop 

Herford hop was invented in 1980's by Charles Martell the maker of stinking bishop. It was produced in a Dymock, Gloucestershire the cheese is made from either raw or pasteurized cow's milk. The texture is firm and creamy and the aroma are strong and yeasty. The flavors are sharp sweet citrusy and buttery.

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May Hill Green

May hill cheese is a semi soft cheese made from from cow's milk of rare breed Gloucestershire and Friesian cattle. Its is produced by Charles Martell in Gloucestershire the cheese has a buttery rich and running texture aroma are strong and herbal flavors are milky, creamy and tasty.

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Single Gloucester

Texture of Gloucester cheese is light and smooth with a balanced fresh and slightly acidic flavor and pears made a great accompaniment to single Gloucester cheese. It is made up of cow's milk it is uncolored moldy coat. At 2 month old it is ready for consumption.

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Stinking Bishop

Stinking Bishop produced by Charles Martell & sons in 1972 in Dymonk, Gloucestershire. It is soft and pungent. It is made up of rare Gloucestershire cow breed. Its texture is smooth and creamy aroma is stinky aroma is stinky while flavor are strong and rich.

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Cotswolds Pizza

Cotswold Pizza is the famous all over UK, its yummy side is its deliciousness, here they made it by very natural and fresh herbs and meat with striking spices and taste some of the famous Pizzas are stone baked, wood fired Pizza with delicious toppings to please meat eaters, veggies, lover and even gluten pizzas. They serve it with style. theatre and the smile. They also offered mobile wood fired pizza. Taste of these English Pizza are real natural and heart blows to eat it again and again.

Authentic Food of Cotswold is the part of the culture of the England and UK. It is very precious pearl of the Country when you visit there definitely try the aromatic delicious food of the Cotswold. This is not the end of Cotswold journey there are some hidden colors also flying so for more beautiful flying colors  wait and watch my Cotswold's series and also give their valuable comments. Till then .......

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