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India is aristocratic place having an impressive and splendid layers of Culture and Tradition. I pay tribute to my Country because of its peaceful Nature and specular Culture and Tradition in the World. Lets draw a torch on the sparking layers of fabulous "Kathputli Dance".

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Kathputli Dance is the golden ornament of Rajasthan, India. The birth place of Kathputli dance is Rajasthan a colorful state of India. Move yourself to dig the history of Kathputli is a string puppet theatre native to Rajasthan, India. It is very popular in India. Kathputli dance or Rajasthan's Puppetry Art is known to be originated thousands year ago. At that time Art was practiced by Bhati community.
Kathputli is a join of two Rajasthan's languages word "Kath" meaning "Wood"  "Putli" meaning a "Doll". Kathputli means a puppet made entirely from Wood. Kathputli is not the human being but illustrious characters, living in the garish World. The origin of Kathputli is stunning Rajasthan that is the bucket of diverse Culture and Tradition. Rajasthan is like a magical jewelry box having different pearls and diamonds. 

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It is believed somewhere 1500 years ago , Tribal Rajasthan's Bhat Community started the use of Kathputli as String Marionette. It is truly Rajasthan's amazing Kathputli which made India one of the first country to invent its traditional puppetry. Rajasthan Kathputli Dance is World Famous and well Known as puppetry dance. It is the oldest tradition of stories from mythology of Kathputli is based on folk tales and stories. Scholars believe that folk tales convey the lifestyle of ancient Rajasthan's tribal people. 
Kathputli dance is the beautiful grace of Rajasthan basically perform by the artists during festivals, fairs in the magnificent place of Rajasthan. For a small stage is set where the puppeteers would show puppetry and narrate the stories, music and ballad from an integral part of Kathputli, Rajasthan as the entire performance is based on the Ballad some time the puppeteers. 

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Puppet are the valuable jewel that is the beautiful creation of artists. It looks like real artists are dancing. It is most remarkable and igneous invention of men. This is the effective medium of communication and entertainment. It is very famous all over the World. At the time of kings and queens or royal families they provided patronages to puppet artists in return they organized puppet shows in different occasions and festivals.

Modern Puppet

The birth of modern troops and the opening to the international sense created new contexts for traditional puppetry to flourish. In 1960- 61 four Indian Puppeteers, Suresh Dutta, R. N. Shukla Rahi, Dilip Chatterjee and B. Sahai studied for a year at the central Obraztsov puppet theater of Moscow. On their return to India Suresh Dutta founded the Calcutta Puppet Theatre where an entire generation was trained in the epic Russian style of Rod Puppetry fest also started, being organized to offer stages to both traditional and modern troops.

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Forget everything and enjoy puppetry show that includes live music, pictorial story depiction using puppets puppets gesture, narration, dholki song.
In India not only in Rajasthan but are many states where culture of Kathputli is breathtaking. There are different types of puppets found in different states of India.

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String Puppet

Most Classic and colorful puppet is String Puppet. you can give the name to string puppet is also Rajasthani Puppet. The puppeteer manipulate the movements of the doll using the string. The greater the scope of movement of dolls. Since the string is often attach to those parts which could offer maximum movement and control of the puppeteer. String Puppet is the pride of Rajasthan carved from Wood and the hands are made of stuffed rags. The puppet are dressed in elaborate Costumes and one particular factor is long skirt distinguish the fact that they have no feet.

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Rod Puppet

As you can understand from the name Rod Puppet figure are manipulated by the use of 3 or 4 feet high Rod . These type of puppet are the part of Orissa and West Bengal. Orissa Rod Puppetry is called KathiKundhei- Nach(Rod doll dance) The puppeteers manipulate the puppets from below while sitting . They perform mostly the stories of Durga and Ramayana. In Tamilnadu and Karnataka both types of puppets we can found.

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Shadow Puppetry


Behind the curtains of South India's, famous for shadow puppetry. The puppets are placed behind the screen and the puppeteers create variations in the density of shadow casts by the puppets by changing the distance from screen. The shadow puppetry of Kerala is called Pava Kutha ( Leather doll dance). These puppets are opaque and through black and white shadow . They are unique they perform Tamil text for Malyali audience by Marathi performer. 
In Andhra Pradesh the shadow puppets are called Tolu Bomnalatta. The Puppet are translucent and the shadow are in various colors. The size of Andhra Puppets is largest like huma

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Gloves Puppet

Gloves Puppet of Orissa are called Kundhei- Nach that represented  Radha Krishna Theme in the pictorial arts as well as nach . There are two puppetry represents Radha and Krishna while manipulating the puppet and the puppeteers is also sing and play dhol.

While knowing about Indian Kathputli i am feeling that i am at Moon, Its story is so wonderful and glorious that blooming my Heart with dozens of Happiness. I am looking Kathputli from my childhood that wonderfully giving their beautiful dance performance from ages with their puppeteers. I have loved this journey of Kathputli Dance that was amazing. I have lots of beautiful Color of Culture so wait for my next post and share their views till then...

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