Cape Town Magical Paraside

 Move in the direction of curiosity of winds. Open the doors of your mind and enter in to the most elegance door. Look at behind the door Wow it is the marvelous soil of South Africa, "Cape Town". Cape Town is the wish from the shooting star. Cape Town is the shooting star. Cape town is the spectacular dream of the hopeful eyes. My heart beats are falling down from the happiness inside me waves of ocean is running to know more about illustrative beauty of crackers sparks. Cape Town is the land of good hopes. Graceful beauty of Cape Town is like celebrity that always live in limelight and explore center of attraction of  The Cape Town.

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The Embellish Table Mountain that is 1087 mt high, A spectacular picture that you can save in your heart. It seems nature is really happy here. Mountain is created from massive beds of Stones. The Table Mountain looks like the Table. It starts from the northern end of the Cape Peninsula and lies with in National Park. Table Mountain is the magical charm , where clouds swims over the Mountain like dolphins. Table Mountain is the green land and home of 15000 species of plants and animals.

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Table Mountain National Park displays a wonderful mix of flora and fauna will preserve in their natural habitat. National park protects an outstanding diversity of plants and 147 different flower species as well as animal. If you look down from the top of the mountain you can see the whole scenic view of  Cape Town. Raise your Inner voice that you are at paradise of the earth. It is the best place of Tracking, Bunge jumping and other camping activity.


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Kirsten Bosch National garden is the pot of natural beauties and greenery right to the east of table mountain. One of the flourish garden is the UNESCO World heritage site. It is made at 1913. It is the glorious home of varied 20000 species of plant and herbs.

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Cape Town is the spanking wine of combination of mountain and beaches that pull everyone to taste once. Clayton and Camps Bay Beach is almost 6 km away from the busy city center. Specular white sand Beaches attracts large number of Tourists. There are many Bars, Café and Restaurants, Clayton Camps is a garish hub of Volleyball and Adventures Venue of Surfing.

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The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is a elegance Harbors has a great history of ancient fishing activity on the harbor laying in the central hub of the City. Best place for tourists  there is best restaurant's, bars, pubs.

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If you want to get hilarious and adventurous experience than take a drive in Chapman's Peak it is stunning experience for the travelers. The convoluted road which stretches for around nine meters displays the most fascinating views of the blue ocean and the great mountain peak on chapman's peak drive. Enjoy the magnificent scenic view of  nature.

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Bo Kaap is like beautiful curtains without you cannot imagine the beauty of Cape Town. Bo Kaap is the colony of colorful houses located at the slope of Signal hill very ancient yet so bright.

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If you want to jump in the iconic beauty of the Cape Of Good Hope comprising of the interesting coastlines, beauties, water and beaches then this is the great place. Cape of good hope is also famous for the adventurous sports, surf cycle and experience the unique "Flying Dutchman Funicular" which lift them about 238 miles above the ocean.

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If you are a big lover of adventure and feel the movement of the shark from very near, Simon town is a great place, Seal Island, Dyer Island to experience the most thrilling and quite scary Shark Cage Diving protected by thick iron bars. See the shark to swimming or diving right near the edge.

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From the 2 km away from the Cape Town you can visit Robin Island basically famous for the Jail where freedom fighters spent their lives in the prison that was struggling for the freedom of the country. Narsin Mandela who was the president of South Africa also spent 10 years of their life in Robbin Island Jail, He was a great freedom fighter.

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Lets go for the 1 hour drive for the way of Boulder Bay located at the stunning location and the home of the Penguin's. Boulder Bay is the sparkling and dream tourist destination where 2000 endangered African Penguins live. Millions of tourists come here to see the penguin in their natural habitat.

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Culture Of Cape Town

 District six museum is the photograph of the culture , tradition and the great history of the Cape Town from the ages. It displays the age old lifestyle antiquities and culture of the locals. Cape Town is like colors in rainbow that together look splendid . The Cape is blend of Dutch, French, Malay English, , Afrikaner and Xhosa lifestyle. The Cape is the habitat of so many craftsmanship and travelled designer whose creation is the heart of South Africa, who produce a wide range of quality handmade goods from beaded bags, embroidered cushions, craft and design Green market is a place where no of artists flourish and show their traditional creations in the front of the tourists. While admiring the scenic beauty and historic sight, look out for hand sewn clothing beautiful Bedwork, crafted jewelry, rare object.  In Cape Town many other market offers craft and example of African design that are more traditionalistic and ritualistic in nature. Clouds of African culture flows artistically in front of my eyes that i can not stop myself to know more about culture of Cape Town. There are many other colorful pearls that you will definitely love to know about it Sculpture, Weaving and even Cloth Dying that reflect both historical as well as contemporary African Art and Craft include Soapstone Carving, Woven Reed Work, Innovative Wirework creations as well as replica of the Weapons, Shield.

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Fly for a mile and open a silver layer of the Cape Town, Cape Wieland is behind the silver layer shinning like the cultural eye. The Cape wine land have a number of wine states situated along the various wine routes. Cape Town is the silver pot of mix culture. Meet the Traditional and cultural tribes of South Africa San Khoi, Xhosa there are so many other tribes.

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Cape Town is a creation of god, who is the first artist of the earth and other planet. I have presented a beautiful painting of god. It is remain incomplete without the sweet lyrics of Cape Food so melt a hungry curiosity in your heart. Lets explore food of Cape Town.

Food of Cape Town

Fish and Chips is the fresh and mouthwatering meal . Deep fried fish chips melts like sugar in your mouth. 

Wild Game Meat is not a regular dish served up on South Africa Tables but still makes for a fun night out.

 Bunny Chow clicks the bell of your mind , is this dish is made up of bunny so hold the horses of your mind because it is the traditional dish  it is half a loaf of hollowed out bread filled with curry . It is available both veg and nonveg.

Gustby is a large sandwitch crammed full of a veraity of meats, chips and sause.

Game Meat is tonge twist for the big meat lovers. Game meat is a best dish this is usually in the form of beef, pork and chicken.

Sushi melts in your mind like happiness. Sushi is not traditional dish of South Africa but there is dozens of noteworthy Sushispots.

Bilton and Drowers are made up of dry meats and adding a special blend of spices.

For Sweet Lovers there is lot of verietis in Cape Town,  Milk Tart, Malva Pudding and Koeksesters.

Cape Town is like a watch in which time never stops, same as the beauty of You can not stop telling about beauty of Cape Town, creation of Nature,s Art. I hope the Journey of Cape was Unique and amazing we will again meet you with new and beautiful post till then....

Stay Safe Stay Secure.......


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