Culture of Russia

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 Sit in the Russian Cultural Hammock and  enjoy the Cultural and Adventurous  ride. St Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. Lets explore some orient culture of Russia with me. Culture of Russia shine like Golden Gem in beautiful light of Moon.

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Khokhloma is the beautiful cultural antique Russian Folk Craft and Painting on Wooden Article. It was started in the 10 th centaury in the district of Nizhny Novgorod. Khokhloma is the art work which is used for painting wooden tableware and furniture in which over black background. Russian artists make feature vivid flowers and berries with Red and Gold.

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Russian Nest Doll

Russian nest doll is one of the famous handicraft and most well known souvenir for tourists. It is the most famous product in shopping that contain fragrance of Russian Culture.

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Filigree Jewelry

The Iconic and Unique art of Filigree Jewelry of Russian artists is the golden sparks of not only Russia but also in the World. This is the amazing hand work of the Russian artists. This work can find in Vases, Boxes, Dishes, Religion Utensils, Dolce and Gabanna, Women fall winter collection. Golden Shoes, Purse, Filigree, Crowns and Earrings all appeared in the Catwalk.

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Palekh Painting.

Russia is also famous for Palekh Painting. Palekh Painting is the unique painting of art figurativeness folklore. One extra ordinary feature is that you can not find the copy of any product. Every box is unique. each box is oiled, primed and painted with red enamel on the upside then dried and decorated.

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Tuva Chohar Dash Carving

Tuva is a place of artists with gold hand. I mean it is famous for the Chohar Dash Carving. It is a place where artists made unique Tuva Stones products by carving.

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Pavlovsky Posad Shawls

The Natural  and colorful patterns are like the Water Colors that are the ability to fill light in paper. The history of Pavlovsky Shawls are 200 years old and still in trend they are very warm.

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Lukoshkoand and Tuesok

Lukoshkoand and Tuesok is the Russian old style begs. These spectacular bags looks like basket. They are perfect in gathering berries in a forest, storing food or going out in the evening. 

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Art of Chepezheri

Horse heir weaving is similar like wool processing. Heir was shorn off the horse in spring from Mane and Tale it is sorted by color, cleaned, plucked and weaved in to threads. They made Brides, Nets for Hunting, Musical Instruments, Bow String, Yurts, Fiddle Stick, Knitted Stockings, Belts and Ropes. and they also worn off Sheep Wool and produce Carpets, Yurts, Clothes, Footwear, from Slippers to Winter Boots, Hats, Bags, Portable Chess Board.

Russia is also famous for Spoon Music and Gubli is the oldest and most famous Instrument of Russia.

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Russian Folk Dance

Russian Folk Dance is the back bone of the Russia, beautiful performance in a beautiful costumes is the best color of Russian Culture. It was originated in 10th centaury by the Salvic and Tatars Tribes. The Cultural mix of Music and Dance Russian Folk Dance are also the interrelations with other type of artistic expression. In any Folk and Cultural dance of any Country have their unique places that enhances the beauty of any dance. Women wear holidays, Headdresses, Embroidered Shirts, Belts and ornamented Aprons. Man wear shirts a belt, Narrow Trousers and High Red Boots. The Color Red is incorporated in many of the costumes because it is associated with beauty of Russian Traditions. Enjoy different traditional Folk Dance of Russia by heart. 

1- Khorvod, 2- Barynya, 3- Kamarinskaya, 4- Chechotka, 5- Karelian, 6- Komi, 7- Ingush, 8- Chechen, 9- Tatar, 10- Bashker, 11- Chuvash, 12 - Kalmyk.

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Adventurous Ride

If you are a adventure lover so you are at best place. Enjoy your day with lots of adventure in St Petersburg.

1- Boat Tour
2- Water Sports
3- Boat Hire
4- Gondola Cruises
5- Speed Boat Tour
8- Kayaking and Canoeing
9- Parasailing and Paragliding
10- River Rafting and Tubing

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Russia is the lovely Book always your heart will beat to read this book if you want to see the magic of art of Russia. You have to  need to visit some of the famous Museum of Russia.

State Museum Russia

It is the home of the World's largest collection of Russian Works more than 400000 pieces spanning the 10th centuries opened in 1898 by Tsar Nicolas ii in memory of the father, Alexander iii Museum was the first of Russian Art anywhere.

Hermitage Museum

Another gem of Russia is the second largest Museum. It include more than three million work of Art and Cultural Artifact.

Erarta Museum

Erarta Museum of contemporary art housed in a Neoclassical Stalinist building. Erarta was opened in 2010. You can see 2500 plus works of art in a permanent collection.

Feberge Museum

The Feberge Museum contain not only the famed imperial eggs but also Painting Fine proclaim and other art works.

Samoilov Family Museum

This unique Museum is actually in the apartments. It includes personal belongings and the furniture of the family, Portraits. There is also a small concert hall where Chamber Music and other concert take place.

Russia is love of tourists because of not only its magnificent Tourists places but it is very rich gems of Culture and Traditions my journey of St Petersburg, Russia was really memorable please share your suggestions. I will again come with new and unique Rainbow Color of Earth till then.........

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