Floating Markets of Thailand

Float Butterflies of your creative mind in the cold and warm water. Move your beautiful feather and smile in the beautiful world of boats. Pull the door of horses of your mind, you will find yourself in the waves of water in a "Floating market of Thailand". Find yourself in the splendid boat and do shopping, take the stately dinner and lunch and look the glorious view of the nature.

 Floating Market is a market where goods are sold and purchase by boats. You can enjoy slightly food. In the past river was the prime means of transport and boat was the only means here. We can say that the idea of floating market  had been taken birth. Now a days it is a specular tourists attraction. Floating market basically found in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Srilanka. We will  here  stretch our wings and fly for Indonesia Floating Market here is the shinning picture of Thailand. Lets float in loveliness boats.

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Thailand is itself shinning attraction of tourists. Incredible tourists destination , Floating market is the small shinny pendulum in the garland of Thailand and Bangkok. Lets float your boat in different floating market of Thailand.

There are different Floating Market of Thailand.

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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market was built in 1866 by the Mongkut (King Ramn ). Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is most popular market in Thailand. If you want a best floating market you can visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It is 100 km away from Bankok. A great and adventurous experience with shopping of traditional Handicraft of Thailand and most tongue twisting food of the market. Most delicious food of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is BBQ Grill, Sea food, Grilled Bananas, Thai Noodles, Quilt Egg. Live Music Concert is also the soul of Thailand Floating Market.

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Amphawa Floating Market is graceful and a hub of beautiful views and the traditional shopping is mind blowing experience. Amphawa floating market is 90 km from Bangkok. You can go there Friday and Sunday at 11am to 9:30. It is vivid, adventurous, fun loving location with many little wooden houses neatly lined up along the canal, selling Traditional handicraft's, Souvenirs, Snacks, and Sweets and fresh fruits and vegetables. Lets explore famous iconic food of the that plays melodious lyrics in your heart are River Prawns, Crabs, Jambo Prawns. Creamy Cheesy Shell, Puffs, Quill Eggs, Fried Fish Cakes.

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Pattaya Floating Market flows in the heart of the Bangkok or Thailand. It is the largest market, spread in the 100,000 area of Bangkok, Pattaya. Pattaya Floating market is the first love of the tourists. Pattaya Floating Market is divided in to four sections North, North East, Central and South you can say it is the replica of full Thailand and Bangkok, here you can find Cultural Goods, Delicious food of Thailand Art Galleries and Souvenir Shops .  Visitors most lovable food here is  Ka Nom Krok ( coconut pancakes), Thong Yip (sweetened egg yolk ) Coconut Milk Curry. Every afternoon you can be part of cultural shows.  Authentic shopping, Tounge Twisting food , live music and dance performance shows the golden glow of Thailand. 

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Taling Chan Floating Market, windy tranquil canal and slow boat ride in Taling Chan Floating Market is the top feature of this market. Taling chan Floating Market is busy enough to feel lively. Taling Chen market is located in the greater Bangkok. You can see here large number of decorated pointed boats use for boat ride. Feel yourself at the beds of flowers and watch the view of nature under the blue sky. Taling Chan is the hub of Edible Items, Fresh Produce , Flowers and Trinkels. There is a worthy place of shopping, it is a traditional pearl of country, magical part is its yummy and traditional food. Fill foody deliciousness in your mouth, famous food of Taling Chen is Thai dessert, Thai Pancake, Sweet Pandah Pudding this is not only dishes you can enjoy but also enjoy some famous fruits like Dragan Fruit, Nam, Dok Mai Sweet, Thai Mango.

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Khalong Lat Mayom is a traditional floating market around 10 km east of downtown Bangkok. this market is not very big but a small size floating market but famous because it is very near to Bangkok. This is not very touristy but it does not have mean that it is not graceful. Khalong Lat Mayom is full of authenticity. it is complete in itself with Traditional Goods, Handicraft and Mind-Blowing Food. look some of the food of this market Goong Ob Woon Sen, Plachon Pao, Pineapple, Saw Nah Wang. It is basically open in weekends Saturday, Sunday, 8 to 5 pm.

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Bang Kachao Floating Market is referred as the green lung of country. It is the most attractive market with cycle paths in the sides of the river shaded by papaya grooves and coconut trees. Bang Khachao is the heart of the Bangkok. This market looks like a stunning small island where ups and down of waves attracts you to enjoy lots of interesting shopping of Bangkok pearls, Hendicrafts, Authentic Food that you can keep it like memory. Some of the famous food of Bang Kachao Market is grilled skewers, Gac fruit juice, K, Chao Moo Opp, Kuay Teow Tamling, Thai Noodles.

I draw a very beautiful, authentic and real picture  of  beauty of Thailand Floating Market in front of you, i hope you will love this beautiful place and make your plans to see this beauty from their own eyes. we will again meet with my new and beautiful post till then 

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