Look at the Colorful Sky, Colorful Nature, Colorful Faces, express your manifestation Color of Love, Happiness, Brightness, Spirituality, Truth, Brightness, and Color of Festivals, Culture and Traditions. Indian Culture and tradition is the wave of Colors. Throw the torch of Cultural Light on Glittering "Gulal".

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Gulal is the sparkling beauty of Holi, Marriages, Indian Prayers and part of many Ritual. Gulal is also known as "Aber". It is simple colored powder but having impressive importance on the Holi, Dol Purnima and other Hindu Rituals. During these festivals People through these magical Colorful Gulal on each other while Singing and Dancing to express love, Social Togetherness and Equality.

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I am curious to know its origin so lets go in to back in the Dwapar Yug at the time of God Lord Krishna. A legend narrates that Lord Krishna complained to his mother about the darkness of his skin  in compared to Radha. As a result the Lord Krishna's mother smeared colors on the Radha;s Face. It was the birth of  Hindu's biggest festival Holi and the origin of Gulal.

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In the earlier time Gulal was prepared from flowers coming from Indian Coral Tree and the flames of the forest. In the earlier Holi of flower color was famous. Gulal powder was prepared from flowers that was beneficial for the skin too but after invention of Synthetic Dyes Process, In the middle decade due to the use of Synthetic Dyes and chemical process the Gulal had been converted in to Chemical Gulal that was not good for the skin also not good for environment but after lots of effort now a days after the entry of Herbal Gulal the trends again has been changed. Herbal Gulal is made of the products such as Turmeric, Indigo, Annatto that is very skin friendly and also not harmful for the environment.

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Gulal have radient importance in the Hindu Festivals and Rituals. Holi is one of the biggest festival in which they spread Gulal on each other. In Mathura and Vrindavan you can see the other beauty of Gulal and Holi. There are other Hindu rituals in which Gulal is auspiciousness like Wedding, Spiritual Events or divine cermony. Uttar Pradesh, Rajesthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujrat are the biggest producers of the Gulal.One of the interesting use of the Gulal powder has been developed in the field of Lalent Fingerprints. A study shows that application of Lalent fingerprints can give clear result.

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Gulal is not only soul of Indian Festival and Rituals but it is the star eye of other Countries and people of other Countries that is the shower of Love. They also use Gulal in Holi and other Western Festivals and Parties.

Gulal is not only color but it is the pride of Indian Culture, Art , Tradition and Rituals so spread the color of Love, Happiness, Equality and Unity among each other. Please give your suggestions about the post in comment box. I will again come with my new and colorful post till then ....

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