Makar Sankranti Light of Festival

 Winters are at his full hangover. Spring is knocking the doors of nature. It is the occasion of festivals in India. India is having the heartily connection with the agriculture and Indian soil. There are many festivals are celebrated on the occasion of bumper harvest. "Makar Sankranti" is one of the biggest festival on 14 to 15  January Magh Krishna Paksh Dwitiya Tithi according to hindi calander of each year with full enthusiasm and joy. It is the devotion for the God "Sun". This is the sign of entry of spring or change in weather. It is also a way of devotion for the God.

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Makar Sankranti is famous from different names in India such as in Punjab it is Lohri, In Uttar Pradesh it is Khichri, In Tamil Nadu and Chennai it is Pongal. In Gujrat it is famous from the name of Uttrayan. In Uttrakhand it is famous from the name of Uttrayani. In Karnataka and Assam it is famous as Magh Bihu.

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In this day devotees take a holy dip in Holy rivers of Ganga, Yamuna Krishna and Kavery, Godavari. There is belief among devotees that they can wash their sins by taking bath in holy rivers at the day of Makar Sankranti. Every 12 years along with Makar Sankranti celebration the Kumbh Mela also take place.

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Makar Sankranti is considered as the symbol of peace , prosperity, happiness. Kite flying is one of the biggest rituals in Makar Sankranti. You can say it Kite flying festival too. India is the land of  festivals devotion for the festivals of devotees are same but they celebrate it in a different way based on the culture and traditions of the States because India is the place where there is diverse culture and traditions. So lets explore.

Makar Sankranti is the festival of joy, prosperity and wealth, get together between families, exchange of gifts, delicious food, kite fly

Uttar Pradesh

Makar Sankranti is the festival " Khichari" in Uttar Pradesh. Makar Sankranti is having a very important place in everyone's heart.There are many holy places in Uttar Pradesh for holy bath like Haridwar, Kashi, Allahabad (sangam), Rishikesh. One of the important rituals of the State is to denote Urad Dal, Rice, Til and lai laddo, Sesame, warm clothes to the poor. In every Hindu family they make Khichadi of Urad Dal, Rice with Jaggery, Til Laddu, Mungfali Laddu, Gazak etc.


Makar Sankranti is famous as "Suggi" in Karnataka. In this occasion the girls wear new clothes and would offer plates of "Ellu" (white seasame seeds) mixed with fried groundnuts, cut dry coconut and fine cut jagreey. The rituals is called "Ellu Birodhu"

Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh this festival is celebrated 4 days. 

1- Bhogi

2- Sankranti

3- Kanuma

4- Mukkama

In this occasion families prepare chekkalu, chakralu, arisalu, buralu, gav and make offering to God. they also make Rangoli in this occasion.


In Maharashtra Makar Sankranti is celebrated with full grace of festival. People exchange multicolor Halwa, Tilgul Ladoo, Sweetmeat made from Sesame Seeds, Puran Poli and some gram flour which has been toasted to golden in pure ghee offered for lunch. Married women invite friends and family and celebrate Haldi Kumkum.


"Magh Bihu" is a harvest festival is celebrated in Assam, India. This is the occasion of fest and Bonfire. In Assam Buffalo fighting is famous at the time of Magh Bihu.


Same like Uttar Pradesh in Bihar also it is celebrated as "Khichadi". They also denote Urad Dal, Rice, Til and lai laddo, Sesame, warm clothes to the poor. In every Hindu family they make Khichadi of Urad Dal, Rice with Jaggery, Til Laddu, Mungfali Laddu, Gazak etc.

Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu Makar Sankranti is famous from the name of "Pongal". they have celebrated it four days. it is also celebrated with different rituals and Tamil food and sweets but the feeling of the devotion for god is same in the whole country.

1- Bhogi Pandigai

2- Thai Pongal

3- Mattu Pongal 

4- Kaanum Pongal

Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh

Makar Sankranti or "Sakrat" in the Rajesthani language is one of the major festival in the state of Rajesthan. The day is celebrated with Rajasthan traditions and delicious food and sweet like pheeni, till, gazak, khur, ghevar, pakodi, puwa and the ladoo.


In Punjab it is famous as the name of "Lohri". Punjabi celebrated Lohri by enlighten Bonfire. They have celebrated it with great zeal. It is also harvest festival it indicates the winter is ending. They have celebrated it by singing and dancing exchange gifts, exchange food. They pay tribute to god for their great harvest of crop.


In Gujarat Makar Sankranti is celebrated as a festival of flying kites. It is known as " Uttrayan" there. It is the major festival of Gujarat. They celebrate it for two days. They celebrate it according to rituals of Gujarat and exchange traditional food of Gujarat among families also exchange Undhiyu, Chikky, Peanut, Jaggery with each other. Families also enjoy kite flying together.
1- 14 jan Uttrayan
2- 15 jan Vasi Uttrayan


India is the place of beautiful culture and rituals. In India people enjoy all ritual's and festival together with full zeal and joy the way of celebration can be different but the devotion of God and the feeling of celebration are same among every heart. I will again come with my new and unique post you can drop your suggestions in comment box  till then....

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