St Petersburg Heart of Russia

 A Magnificent Island, open the kingly doors enter in to the royal and ancient city of "St Petersburg", Russia. St Petersburg is the breath and heart of the Russia. St Petersburg is  imperial city, situated 400 miles to the North West of Moscow near Newa river. Neva River is the victim of all the wealthy historical empires. St Petersburg is the home of the different empires.

 St Petersburg is the cultural garden of Russia with magnificent places, breathtaking Cathedrals and splendid gardens that make you feel the fragrance of Royalty. St Petersburg is the royal city of Canals that is a precious gift of nature. It is the art of artist with aristocrat architecture. At the time of winters St Petersburg is nothing less than a fairy heaven cover with white blanket of Snow that looks so awesome and splendid. St Petersburg was founded by the St Peter the great. 

Lets explore the royalty of the St Petersburg, magnificent monuments which are the treasure of the Russia. Feel yourself royal in the beauty of Rainbows.

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Palace Square is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the golden gems of some precious monuments. The Winter Palace is (headquarters of the Hermitage Museum)  the Guards Cops Headquarters, the General Staff building with its impressive Triumphal Arch and the Alexander Column. This monument is a legacy of Cathrine the great.

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Kazan Cathedral is the other precious star of the the St Petersburg. It was named  on the miraculous Icon of the mother of God of Kazan ( Lady of Kazan. It was build on Nevsky prospects in 1801, 1811 by the architect A . Voronikhin.

St Petersburg is the greatest and Royal Kingdom City in the Europe. During St Petersburg construction Peter the great banned the use  of stone elsewhere in Russia the reason behind that no one else can create Imperial City of St Petersburg again that is the golden treasure of the country.

The Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood is a golden wonder of the St Petersburg. Explore the spilled glittering Historical Art, Generously decorated Interiors. It was constructed in 1883 and 1907 now it is a State Museum. The Church erected on the site where political nihilists assinated Emperor Alexander ii in march 1 that's why the Church is known as church of the Spilled Blood. The Church is having the extraordinary Mosiac then the World.

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A story of any city and any country can complete without the talking bird, i mean Market of the St Petersburg. There are several stunning Markets so lets explore for cultural and traditional shopping.

1- Kuznechy Market
2- Sythy Market
3- Maltsevsky Market
4- Sennoy Market
5- Polyustrovsky Market
6- Vasilostrovsky Market

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St Issac Cathedral is situated near the glorious River. At the top of the Monument is the shine of the Russia. It is very grandiose and exalted monument of the World had completed in 1858. explore the beauty of the Cathedral from your heart's eye.

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Admiralty Building is a extravagant land mark. Admiralty building looks magnificent with  its glided spire topped by a golden weather vane in the shape of a small sail worship. It was founded in 1806. It was the former headquarter of Admiralty Board and the imperial Russian Navy and currently it is a headquarter of Russian Navy.

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Peter and Paul Fortress was marvelous place was founded by St Peters the Great in 1903. It is beautiful mound citadel now a days it is the lively Museum of the city.

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This city is like the city of fairy tales , Magnificent Royal Kingdom with Illustrious Canals. You can enjoy a magical ride in the royal shinny boat of the St Petersburg. St Petersburg is the Venice of the north. These Canals creates winding rhythms in every tourist heart so that they can not stop themselves to come here. There are 320 bridges is the sign of Royal Monarchal Kingdom. St Petersburg is the countries cultural heart. Take a Canal Cruise to discover the spectacular view of the city.

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Peter Hoff Palace and Gardens complex is the pearl of countries garden. Take a view of Peter Hoff Palace and garden complex from your eye of heart which was created to rival the place of Versailles in France, stand before the shimmering waters of the great cascade. There is 60 fountains running entirely without pumps inside the Peter Hoff lap for the best engineering here.

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Cathrine Palace is the historical and magnificent. Look at the innovative golden interiors inside make you feel the historical kingdom. Catherine Palace and surrounding parks were created by Empress Elizabeth and Catherine the great. In Cathrine Palace you can look the stately Cameron Gallery. The glaring Chapel of Catherine Palace. Sparkling Interiors of Agate Rooms of Catherine Palace. It is surrounded by the parks and gardens. The Roof of the Cathrine Palace is glided with more than 100 kg of Gold that looks so stunning.

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Move your golden feather and enter in to the Summer Palace and Garden. Summer Palace is the heart of the tourists. Fly and fly in a beautiful city of Russia, St Petersburg.

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St Petersburg Food

St Petersburg is the royal golden treasure, can you like to feel the waves of Royalty in the food of the city so lets come with me my hungry stomach is ringing the bell. Russia is not only famous for its delicious food  it is famous for its White, Brown and Black Sea Wines too so also try it with mind-blowing food so lets check it out.

1- Pyshichhaya is a stunning Donut with great taste
2- Bread with meat is absolutely lovable dish of Russia.
3- Beef stroganoff is a dish that take its name from one of the wealthiest noble families in Russia.
4- Borscht
5- Pirozhki is a small size bun stuffed with variety of filling.
6- Pelmeni and Vereniki you must try it if you go there.
7- Shchi is a traditional soup that simple mixture, mouthwatering and delicious you can not stop yourself to stop to taste.

St Petersburg is the lively a Royal Kingdom with great history, food, culture and magnificent places i really love to explore it and white cover of winter snow that is like diamond crown on Russia. I will again come with my new and unique post till then....

Stay Safe, Stay Secure...

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